Trisha Lewis

Trisha Lewis

I have a background that sets me up to help you communicate with the impact you need and the enjoyment that motivates. I have had jobs in schools, corporates, retail and I have been self-employed as an actor, speaker and reminiscence facilitator - all leading to setting up as a communication and confidence coach in 2016. I have done a lot of work personally and with others on all things impostor syndrome - but I call this self-squashing. Proud to have published my first book in 2021 - 'The Mystery of the Squashed Self' - helping small business owners sort self-sabotage and thrive. I am the host of the 'Make it Real' podcast - for small business owers who want to grow their business without squashing their soul. You get the gist.

160: Are you Fighting Yourself?

Are you fighting yourself? Stop Self Doubt spirals. Ep 160 Self Belief Unsquashed Podcast. Trisha Lewis

Are you falling into self-doubt spirals by beating yourself up when things don’t go perfectly? You are human – it will happen. In this episode I explore the connection between self-esteem, self-doubt and this ‘fighting with yourself’ thing! You will…

158: Don’t Calm Down Dear

elf Belief Unsquashed Podcast Episode 158. Trisha Lewis.

When you are feeling a nervous mess before public speaking, interviews or any performance event where you fear messing up…. the friendly advice is ‘calm down – breathe deep – visualise lovely things’ etc! You tell yourself to ‘calm down’…