165: Be More Skeptical

How come you blindly accept ‘expert’ opinion and even default thinking about yourself! Common sense ideas and public opinion can be too readily accepted by us all.  Time for some healthy skepticism – time to get curious and examine!

Who better to help us with this process than the philosoper Socrates? Whilst he might be long gone – his ideas remain as relevant as ever.

There is a method of examining known as ‘the Socratic Method of Thinking’ – and it is clearly laid out in  the book I reference – 

‘The Consolations of Philosophy’ by Alain de Botton.

You will be taken through the 6 steps of this method – with an everday example.  You can then place any example of an ‘unquestioned truth’ into the ‘curiosity’ machine – and see what comes out!

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More resources on ‘self-belief unsquashing’ to be found at trishalewis.com