Hi, I'm Trisha.

I am a professional communicator and I aim to get every available communication tactic working at top efficiency for you. Communicate with confidence and clarity to create trust, influence and, all importantly, clients!

I love working one to one with small business owners and entrepreneurs who get the value of investing in a core, crucial and trans-formative skill - i.e.communication. 

That's my thing - I do it,

and I help you do it.

Trisha is a wonderful woman! Every session was inspirational and challenging. I loved her honest assessment of me - we think we know who we are and what to do but being "deconstructed" puts a different perspective on everything. I so appreciated Trisha's skillful guidance,knowledge and kindness.

J. Ahmed
Company Owner

Trisha was a fantastic help to me when trying to improve my confidence in sales conversations. She initiated some really thought provoking reactions in me. After only 3 sessions I have already been told how much more confident I appear so worth every tear jerking, emotional and laughing moment!​

Company Owner
I need a communication coach

Imagine your colleagues saying something like this:

 'It's such a crowded market - I need to get myself heard more - create more impact and get people to trust my company and what it can do for them! So frustrating!'


'I have been given a chance to do a talk - great opportunity to promote my business - but I am scared ****less to get up and do public speaking! So frustrating!'


'I wish I could get over my phone phobia! I need to be having more conversations with prospects! So frustrating!​'

You know the good karma of helping people. So how great that you have a solution to end their frustration! Simply say this (to them or to yourself):

''You need to talk with Trisha Lewis. She's a professional communicator and she works with people on just that challenge! You only have to look at her recommendations on LinkedIn to see how much value she is - and she is so easy to talk with - give her a ring - here's her number.'​

Trisha worked with me to improve my ‘vlogging’ confidence .. full of practical tools and tips... I was confident about how to proceed and reassured that I was taking the right approach. She inspired me to get on and do it!​

Focused for Business 
Company Owner



If you are open to a rigorous unpacking, shaking up, action and feedback process to get you to your most effective and authentic communicating self - this process is for you. Your need is established following an initial conversation with no set time limit (face to face or online). I learn and you get to sense my value. Investing in coaching is for those who never feel they know it all or are at their limit - it is for people with a growth mindset and desire to explore and discover new levels.

I value your individuality. I provide a trusting environment.


Become the kind of communicator that people want to listen to - that people trust and that people want to do business with and recommend.  Discover clarity of mindset, message and delivery. Become a confident, clear authentic and influential communicator.


Overcome the ‘phone call making’ block. Picking up the phone is essential for your business - and it is one of the top ‘fears’ or ‘mind blocks' amongst perfectly capable business owners and entrepreneurs. Get results and move forward to less frustration and more sales.


Whatever ‘level’ of experience you have reached - get your‘speaker skills’ refreshed and improved. If the idea of giving a talk is a new and daunting one - I can help. If you have got ‘stale’ or have a specific challenge - I can help. This is your one-stop content and delivery boot-camp! 


People buy from people they like. Maybe - but not without trust - and certainly not again without trust.

When you have seconds not years to build that trust - trust me - you need tactics!
I have reverse engineered my 20 years of 'talking to strangers' to bring you that proven process of instant trust building.
Real tactics and real knowledge of 'why' these tactics work and how they will transform your 'first contact' moments - maximising your relationship building success in business - or even out of business!

These are actions you can take right now - and trust me - they work. It's free and it's useful.

With my 5 Minute Skills series you can learn real communication tactics in your coffee break

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