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Practical tools to boost your self belief and personal impact – the ‘unsquashed’ way!

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When you are UNSQUASHED you feel calm, curious and courageous!

I speak from experience – and I am showing up to share 🙂

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Self-Belief, Self-Confidence – and no more Self Squashing!

It isn’t just you who suffers seemingly stupid spirals of self-doubt!

That smile took decades to come from a calm concordant place.

From reframing my childhood ‘shy’ label to healing the scars of narcissistic abuse – I have done the work!

I am an actor, reminiscence facilitator and funeral celebrant – as well as a communication coach, author and TEDx speaker (proud of that!).

So – you wonderful slightly over-thinking sometimes people-pleasing people – from service giving freelancers and solo business owners to career changers and self developement seekers – do you need to:-

  • exit your existential loop of ‘who am I – What do I do’?
  • up your personal impact in meetings?
  • finally face your public speaking fears
  • feel prepared for that interview?

Fancy calling out the FIBs (Fears, Illusions and Baggage) that hold you back? I’m your guide 🙂

Self Squashing is my positive variant of impostor syndrome – tried and tested! I approach all of this in a forensic versus fluffy way that will fuel your motivation, goal reaching and joy!

Showing up to share with a talk about just that! ‘Beware the Self Squashing Prophecy’ – watch!

TEDx Trisha Lewis Speaker Unsquashed

What a great message! I worry about all of this …..can totally relate! Found this really insightful. Very interesting and helpful to listen to.

Every other Thursday – solo and interview episodes with great guests! Practical tips – listen!


Trisha is all about being real and putting all of the squashing factors that make you feel like you need to hide or be somebody else out of the way.

A must read for business owners who want to show up to share amongst all the noise – read!

The Mystery of the Squashed Self Book cover

I have lots of actions to take which will result into me being more myself and therefore making my business truly unique.

Every other Thursday – It’s full of resources not selling! Practical tips, insights and links.

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Watch the podcast – and rummage through confidence and communication tips.

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And you can work with me! I have one to one options that start with crazy value power hours.


Insights and tips to boost your self belief and personal impact. Be the confident communicator you are meant to be!

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