Communication Coaching

Unlock the door to 'you-land'

Dynamic coaching to help you come out as you!

Unlock the door to 'you-land'

Dynamic coaching to help you come out as you!

Coaching options - on and offline

Small business owners and Employees

Face-to-face (Bournemouth area or agreed venue) or online (Zoom)

Small business owners

Be real as you build your visibility by...

engaging people with talks

engaging people by networking

engaging people with videos


You helped me hone the message

I found the 2 hour session with you motivational, inspirational and informative. You helped me hone the message I was trying to convey about my business and put it across confidently on video.

Jacqueline Goddard Founder - Atticus Arts

Trisha coaches you how to present as YOU

Trisha is exceptional in delving into your inner critic and helping you acknowledge and silence it. She coaches you how to present as YOU, not some hero you might want to imitate.

Jo O'Connell Director JellyRock PR

Much better at talking about my business

I have always found it difficult talking about my business and myself. Trisha has helped to come up with new and exciting ways to describe what I am all about. Really give some sessions with Trisha serious thought.

Joe Cole Owner All Build Developments


Be real as you increase your impact by...

crafting and giving engaging presentations

finding your strong/warm balance 

expanding all communication skills


I saw my confidence improve

Working with Trisha has helped me to improve my approach to communication, given me real clarity and in the time I worked with her I saw my confidence improve. A lady I would happily work with again and recommend.

Nikki Williams People Experience Manager - Lush

I felt like my audience was really engaging in everything I was saying.

The next time I pitched I felt confident my audience was really engaging in everything I was saying. Trisha is very experienced and really helped me nail this.

Ongoing coaching - 6 hours (distributed according to needs).

Let's dig deep!

A 6 hour (with option for follow on retainer) coaching programme resulting in breakthroughs, action and results left, right and centre!

I work 'organically' - allowing you to be open to new ideas - no templates!

  • Know what you can do with your voice and body – more than you think!
  • Turn the tables – understand the impact you have on others - and why.
  • Walk into any space and engage – without being loud, pushy or dripping in certificates.
  • Understand 'fear' and how to manage and harness it
  • Gain Insight, increased self-awareness and a practical toolkit of techniques to put into action

6 hrs coaching one to one (Bournemouth/agreed venue or online)

Notes/recordings & Action Plan:

£825.00 (includes email access)

Everyone has something they get ‘fired up’ about -but frustration sets in when everyday work doesn’t trigger that energy. Uncovering the core motivators and skills of an individual opens the way to aligning passion and capability with the job in hand.

Unless the message is clear and meaningful to all - it won’t be communicated with impact and clarity. The person trying to deliver it doesn’t feel good - and neither will anyone else. Communication fails to flow.

Once out of the office environment and in the company of a ‘relaxed and intuitive trust builder’ - barriers start coming down and the real work begins. Trying out new approaches and playing with voice, body language and all communication tactics.

Good communicators find the sweet spot between
authenticity and adaptability, strength and warmth; emotion and rationality, originality and clarity.
Feeling ‘right’ inside and out having perspective.

Intensive session

I get you relaxed and aligned, we create the 'real feel' and you leave with an action plan, recordings or even a video!

Record a video for your website or a series for social media.

Rehearse for event - talk, workshop, presentation.

Role-play your interview, meeting or networking. Q&A and all.

2 hours intense! With recordings - video if applicable -  and 'bullet point' reminder notes.


2019/20 prices

Let's discuss options based on the results you are looking for.

Here is my diary link - pick a good 15- minutes

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