Real you - Real Impact

Helping business leaders become brilliant speakers by owning their voice and message

Why Speak?

Especially if you are not 'keen'!

Speaking at meetings, events and conferences is how you connect, engage and inspire.

Communicating your insights, findings and value involves public speaking - like it or not!

We release your voice and increase your impact 

You know your stuff - but they don't know you.  You want be heard without becoming someone you are not. 

Why Work with me?

I have walked the walk - I don't just talk!

I was shy! In hindsight - I don't think it was shyness so much as 'confused identity'! I grew up with a lot of 'don't show off' messages and yet I wanted to be an actor from the age of 4!

I eventually became an actor - and eventually I found my real self. I have a healthy dollop of introvert in me - and I have a creative energy that might seem more extrovert! I am just ... me. That journey took a while.

From professional acting work I found a niche in one-woman performances in theatres and at events nationally.  I became a favourite on the speaker circuit - because I was - different! 

But that 'different' was simply me allowing myself to release my voice, my energy. 

When I set up my coaching business - I made sure this 'being real' ingredient was key.


Check what my clients say about their journey

I LOVE working with Trisha. She creates a safe space to share, and develop the stories that will better your business communications! With my new found confidence I have transitioned from behind the scenes to front of house.

Emma Wyatt

Owner - The Dream Clinic

I did a public speaking workshop with Trisha. She is exceptional in delving into your inner critic and teaching you how to acknowledge and silence it. She then coaches you how to present as YOU, not some hero you might want to imitate. I went into the workshop thinking I had to impersonate successful speakers and came out with a wealth of presentation ideas and a style that was unique just to me - plus more natural, comfortable and most importantly, fun.

Jo O'Connell

Owner - Jelly Rock PR

With an upcoming presentation in London I was keen to try out some new ways of engaging the audience . Trisha walked me through from concept , content , design , dress rehearsal and ongoing coaching . The end result was an audience of inspired people who came up to me to thank me for the presentation. Refresh your approach , challenge yourself and trust Trisha that she will take you to a place where you shine 

Sarah Hamilton-Gill

Owner - Globus HR

 Having won an Alumni of the Year Award last year, Trisha has been keen to give back and get more involved in the work of BU. This has included delivering sessions with students and a masterclass on public speaking with interns at the Fusion Fundraising Academy. Having attended that session along with the students, I was struck by her energy and ability to draw the best out in people - helping to break down perceived barriers to public speaking and encouraging them to be true to their authentic selves. 

Jonathan Goode

Head of ALumni relations - BU

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