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Professional Communicator and coach

Confident and engaging communicators are not created by fairy dust - they work at it!

I would love to work with you.

Explore your impact.

Find you, be you and let them see you. Sort confidence dips.

The Mystery of the

 Squashed Self

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Why would you work with me?

Good question!

There are a million communication coaches in this world - so how do you pick just one? 

Get to know them - by looking at their LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube content for instance (hint). 

Have a look at their story and experience - it might not be about a smart templates, magical formulas or a fancy certificate - it might be... a feeling that they will 'get you' and provide a supportive space to laugh or even cry!  

It might be something about the way they work or what they will be able to work on... read on.

It's hard to know Trisha without loving her. If you need help with communications, presentations and overcoming impostor syndrome, give her a call already! She is leading the way on LinkedIn.

John Espirian - Author, Copywriter.

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Let me introduce you to Investigator Lewis - she is a case cracking genius!

Yes - she looks a lot like me. But listen - I am an actor so...  

Find out how this character was born - it is a story with a business lesson you can apply to yourself. 

The Make it Real Podcast awaits

We learn through our own story and the stories of others. Business owners, creatives and some random fascinating individuals - here to offer insight and inspiration - and some blinking cool tips!