Trisha Lewis-Communication Coaching


I want you to enjoy being an excellent communicator. 
To achieve this result I get you doing communication rather than just talking about it. 

Trisha Lewis

Building instant trust, keeping an audience engaged, telling stories, being authentic and interesting - it all starts with shaking up some habits and uncovering barriers.  I can help.

I learnt these skills from years of acting and being a speaker, so I can give you really effective techniques and the chance to try them out - it is actually fun. I love working with all sorts of people - introverted, extroverted, rational, emotional - basically people who are up for a challenge, exploration and growth.  Learn more about my 'Director's Chair Programme' by clicking on 'coaching' below. Discover a new kind of Networking Event in Bournemouth - 'Events' link. Use my blog for insights and tactics  - all with the aim of making you an excellent communicator - you and your business deserve this.

Epic Effect on my Business

Thank you so much for having such an epic effect on my business!

Got lots of compliments!

My talk went really well today. Got loads of compliments - thank you so much..

Director's Chair Programme - Amazing

Trisha has an instinct for getting to the core of the issue very quickly. Highly recommended!

Trisha inspired me to get on and do it!

Trisha worked with me to improve my confidence in front of a camera and on video.

I have already been told how much more confident I appear

Trisha - fantastic help with my sales confidence

I loved being deconstructed

Every session was inspirational and challenging.

Emma Friendship-Kilburn Director - Emm-Power
Sam Sharma Entrepreneur
Kevin Sheldrake Owner - The Boardroom Advisory
Hatty Fawcett Small Business Owner
Astrid Saunders Company Director
Julian Ahmed Company Director
Brainstorming exercises booklet

Communication starts inside your head.

9 Brainstorming activities - my gift to you! Tried and tested techniques to stop you over-thinking - and bring clarity 

Your business deserves this!