Communication Coaching

I help individuals communicate with confidence and authenticity

Director's Chair Coaching® is a one to one process

Feel real, find the real story and make a real impact.

Chose your focus - or work on all of these!

Impostor Syndrome - spot it and sort it

Self-doubt is human - but what if this tips over into something more pervasive and joy-sapping? What if this 'fake' feeling is holding you back or burning you out? Use my combination of lived experience  and expertise to break free.

Create a story that connects 

This is the age of being real - buzzwords and stock images do not engage! You have a story, your business has a story, your audience has a story - let's find these and create a signature talk for events or unique content for workshops.

Build a consistent identity on and offline

Both you and those you communicate with will feel good when things are real and consistent! Easier said than done - all too easy to fall for 'hype' and 'guru' advice! You are unique - and you deserve to be listened to - so let''s get real!

Look forward to working with you

Proud winner of the BU Alumni of the year award 2019 (Inspiring Learning Category)