Communication Coaching

Trisha Lewis

This is for ambitious individuals and companies who understand that effective communication is the crucial foundation of careers and business growth.

I believe that everyone can be an excellent communicator given quality time, tactics, objective feedback and a safe space to experiment. That's why I am a communication coach.

This is what informs my coaching.

What and how

Director's Chair Programme

Spotting and sorting barriers. Experimenting without fear. Objective feedback.

4 x ONE to ONE coaching sessions of 1.45 hours each

Director's notes at every stage


'Read through' - exploring the coaching needs and goals

Session 2. 

'Rehearsal' - working on default thinking and communication behaviours

Session 3.

'Performance' - Role-playing relevant scenarios

Session 4. 

'Notes' - what has been learnt and how will it be used in real world

Dress Rehearsal

Perfecting and Testing before the event.

Q & A role play.

Ever thought  'I wish I could try out my presentation with a professional communicator watching and taking notes? 

Ever thought - 'I wish I could practice this with people out of my work environment - so I can make mistakes and experiment?

This and more is what the Dress Rehearsal is all about. 

Use this service for:

Upcoming presentation/talk

Upcoming Networking Event - role play your conversation and pitch

Vlogging - try your videos out before you publish!

Epic Effect on my Business

Thank you so much for having such an epic effect on my business!

Got lots of compliments!

My talk went really well today. Got loads of compliments - thank you so much..

Director's Chair Programme - Amazing

Trisha has an instinct for getting to the core of the issue very quickly. Highly recommended!

Trisha inspired me to get on and do it!

Trisha worked with me to improve my confidence in front of a camera and on video.

I have already been told how much more confident I appear

Trisha - fantastic help with my sales confidence

I loved being deconstructed

Every session was inspirational and challenging.

Emma Friendship-Kilburn Director - Emm-Power
Sam Sharma Entrepreneur
Kevin Sheldrake Owner - The Boardroom Advisory
Hatty Fawcett Small Business Owner
Astrid Saunders Company Director
Julian Ahmed Company Director