Find and remove your barriers to impact.

You are a skilled, intelligent woman starting or growing your business - it is just you - but where are YOU? 

Find you, be you, let them see you!

Stop feeling fluffy, formulaic and frustrated! Start exploring, experimenting and evolving with the support of a professional communicator who has walked the walk. Reading this is step one to a barrier free, bouncy and blooming business. 

First - are you open to these 3 'E's?

  • Exploring - Who are you? Where is the sweet spot of impact? 
  • Experimenting - pushing your comfort zone - role play and rehearsal
  • Evolving - letting go, finding, aligning, growing. 

Yes? Good!

Whatever your specific goal/s we work in this order:

  • Mindset - Calling out the FIBs (Fears, Illusions and Baggage) 
  • Content - This is the pre-cursor to authentic confidence!
  • Delivery - The nuts and bolts - verbal and non-verbals.

New book out spring 2021!

How to stop self-sabotaging and make your business thrive

Your coaching options

Your goals and budget will be part of this choice - and you can always come back for more! Click on the options below for coaching detail and cost.

Barrier Breaker

 I x 1-hr session with notes and action plan. Perfect for a re-boot, clarity or instant barrier un-blocker. Working on 1 goal.

 Barrier Breaker Plus

4 x 1-hr sessions. Working on a maximum of 2 specific goals. Themes identified, voice found, action plan in place.

Real Impact Programme

8 x 1-hr sessions. Unwrap more layers, identify more barriers and try out more scenarios. Consistent messaging and style defined.

How my experience benefits you


Some client experiences 

Enormous help! I had built up a fear of doing videos (goodness only knows why) but I had. She supported and guided me towards a clearer message - invaluable. 

Tracey Beesley

The lifestyle concept

Trisha walked me through my keynote - from concept , content to dress rehearsal and ongoing coaching . The end result was an audience of inspired people 

Sarah Hamilton-Gill

globus hr ltd

Working with Trisha has helped me to improve my approach to communication, given me real clarity and in the time I worked with her I saw my confidence improve. 

Nikki Williams

Head of people experience

Discover the Make it Real Podcast

OverviewGreat listen for any time of the year! We all have baggage

Overview A fun and very thought-provoking conversation between a Star Wars nerd

Overview The many hat-wearing Beth Anne Campbell is a wonderful blend of

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