Communication Coaching

From a conversation to a presentation - whether you're a student or a CEO - communication is there to connect and influence - use it wisely.

Find you - Be you - Let them see you

Something useful

Make a great first impression - free guide

A meeting with strangers - or a networking event in person or even online. A Zoom call from a prospective client or employer... What do you need to do in seconds?

To gain their trust.  

Work through these 4 key ingredients of rapport and you stand a good chance of making that happen.

Your challenge?

Fear, lack of clarity or not sure how to be you?

Full of confidence one minute then spiralling into a useless mess the next? You are human.  It might be baggage blocking your joy of public speaking or over enthusiasm making you talk too much! Maybe you haven't worked on your strong/ warm balance? Over-comparing and losing a grip on your unique difference?

It could all start to get sorted out in a simple hour long UNSQUASHER HOUR - one to one on Zoom.

Why invest in coaching?

In a word - objectivity!  The best coaches (like me) work with coaches. That should tell you something! There is stuff you know about yourself, stuff others know about you - and then the all important stuff that others see but you don't.   Safe space to explore with an experienced listener - it is not a fluffy luxury, it is foundational if you want to really release your best - authentic - communicating self.

An hour or a longer programme of bespoke one to one coaching?

Let's get to know each other better on LinkedIn or with a Zoom chat.

I offer the life changing (no exageration) opportunity to rehearse your upcoming interview.

From a short talk at a networking event to a TED talk - from content to delivery ready.

How to be you on video - how to keep the content short and coherent without being dull - where to start?

The Mystery of the Squashed Self

Yes - I wrote a book! I can talk you through the experience and brainstorm your ideas if you like!  

Meanwhile - you might find the content useful in life and work.  Keeping you away from the 'shoulds' - and giving you reframes to beat the fears, illusions and baggage - or FIBs as I call them - that hold you back.


Happy clients

Nicola Bravington Trisha Lewis Coach

Nicola Richardson

The People Mentor - Business Owner

Wow is all I can say. An hour with Trisha and I finally feel like I have a clear view of where I want to be and what's clouding the view. Trisha is so easy to talk to and without you realising, gets you to open up and investigates in a kind way that gets results.

Sarah hamilton-gill

HR Consultant

With an upcoming presentation in London I was keen to try out some new ways of engaging the audience . Trisha walked me through from concept , content , design , dress rehearsal and ongoing coaching . The end result was an audience of inspired people who came up to me to thank me for the presentation.  Trisha that she will take you to a place where you shine 

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