Investigating the impact of your inner-critic

Doing the forensics and uncovering the clues that crack the case of confidence and communication crimes!

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Welcome to the Communication Investigation Room

Pick a folder and rummage through research, books, podcasts and videos on that topic.  This is the best kind of rabbit hole - time well spent!

I talk about the FIBs that hold us back - Fears, illusions and baggage. How do these relate to confidence and communication? You will discover as you rummage! But there is a brief note under each folder.

These are the primal responses resulting in feelings that feel real! Once you are in the ‘fear state’ you cease to see things clearly and often without realsing it - you lose the ability to be rational. In this state, your inner critic has a complete ball.

These are the myths that draw you in and masquerade as 'reality'. Once fooled, you base your responses and actions on what you believe is reality but is in fact an illusion. Confused. In this state, your inner critic has a complete ball.

All the assumptions, labels, self-limiting believes, biases and 'triggers' you have packed away that are now weighing you down without you realising it. Your inner critic loves rummaging around in the baggage - and having a complete ball

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