with confidence and clarity

From networking to meetings and interviews to Ted Talks - engage your audience!

Is this you?

You are building your business - maybe it is just you! You are an intelligent, thinking, driven unique individual with a passion for what you do. So what's the problem?

Not getting your message engaged with? Falling into the 'comparisonitis' and 'people pleaser' 'should' traps? Maybe with a bit of impostor feelings thrown in?

You want clarity - and you want your potential clients to have clarity. You want to be noticed without being 'shouty'! You want to be you!

I have real experience and real tactics

I know I can help! 

Just had a lightbulb moment!

Feels like we are making fast progress - exciting!

Pam B - Business Owner. This after 2 sessions.

How can I help?

Find great resources!

Make good use of all the resources! ART of Engagement Formula - FREE download.

My YouTube Channel -  tips on public speaking, impostor syndrome and assertiveness and rapport balance

Listen to the Podcast

Weekly Make It Real Podcast helping business owners grow without selling their soul! 

Real stories, insights and practical tips from a fascinating array of business owners and experts. 

Come As You Are Event

2nd Tuesday evening of every month  - from the comfort of your couch!

Join a group of small business owners for a refreshing kind of networking - with a twist.

Practice your introduction - get feedback - and then do some business brainstorming - using story!

Your Coaching Options

Book a Clarity Hour or Rehearsal - or talk to me about the one to one coaching programme.

You can also quizz me about being your speaker or podcast guest - or helping with narration or presentation.

I am crazy about communication!

About Me.

I am utterly fascinated by human communication! We will get forensic with your behaviours and those of the people you want to engage. It is fun and it works. I have walked the walk - and that includes getting various forms of impostor syndrome under control. I have a knack of spotting the barriers and habits that you might never spot - and making sure nothing is standing between your personal, business or career growth. (Well nothing in the field of communication and confidence that is!). More about my background and journey here.

What next?

Let's have a chat - you get to know me - I get to know you - it is a mutual thing! 

Pick a good day and time from my online diary - and you will receive a confirmation and Zoom link.

Happy clients -  why?

Jo O'Connell

Owner - Jelly Rock PR

" Trisha is exceptional in delving into your inner critic and teaching you how to acknowledge and silence it. She then coaches you how to present as YOU, not some hero you might want to imitate."

Emma Wyatt

Owner - Dream Clinic

" Trisha creates a safe space to share, and develop the stories that will better your business communications! With my new found confidence I have transitioned from behind the scenes to front of house.."