162: Afraid of being judged as cocky if you are confident?

Is your fear of being judged as cocky, arrogant or a ‘know it all’ holding you back from simply showing up with confidence?  You are not alone!

If you have ever been in the company of a ‘cocky’ type – you will have thought – ‘I don’t ever want to come across like that’.

The fear is so real that you second guess anything that means you show confidence!  Like sharing opinions, giving good presentations, sharing your achievements etc.

In this podcast we explore the fear, the mis-associations and the mix that you need to build your confidence – without fear of being judged as cocky!

I share a really useful graphic from the book ‘How to be Confident’ by James Smith  – and a wonderful quote by Maria Popova (The Marginalian).

We explore humility, competence and debunk some myths!

You can view this on YouTube.

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