Trisha Lewis

Trisha Lewis

I have a background that sets me up to help you communicate with the impact you need and the enjoyment that motivates. I have had jobs in schools, corporates, retail and I have been self-employed as an actor, speaker and reminiscence facilitator - all leading to setting up as a communication and confidence coach in 2016. I have done a lot of work personally and with others on all things impostor syndrome - but I call this self-squashing. Proud to have published my first book in 2021 - 'The Mystery of the Squashed Self' - helping small business owners sort self-sabotage and thrive. I am the host of the 'Make it Real' podcast - for small business owers who want to grow their business without squashing their soul. You get the gist.

Why People Pleasing is Selfish

Why People Pleasing is selfish. Trisha Lewis.

Being a ‘people pleaser is all about you. How selfish! Now that’s a reframe to mess with your head. No, I am not casting everyone who ever slips into people-pleasing mode as an ego-maniac or uncaring type. I am simply…

Are you Hiding Your Achievments?

Hiding your achievments Trisha Lewis Clapping Woman

Why do you water down your achievements – when you really don’t need to? Why do you go out of your way to take the spotlight off you when you are ‘in danger’ of being praised publically! Why to you…

Nail your Networking event intro

Trisha Lewis Nail your networking pitch

How to deal with the ‘what do you do’ question. The fear behind the networking event introduction moment— and how to use a whole new approach to engage and intrigue your potential client or connection. In a recent conversation with…

Is fear stopping you from sharing more?

Fear of sharing vulnerability Trisha Lewis Blog

Swap fear for vulnerability and you share, rather than sit on, your knowledge, ideas and questions — and when you share you build authentic connection. Vulnerability provides the bridge between curiosity and sharing — and sharing with vulnerability creates a…

Christmas and the fear of failing

Christmas Fear of Failure

How ‘festive cheer’ brainwashing triggers a feeling of failure. What if you fall short of perfection on ‘special days’ like Christmas? Are you a failure? The myth of our potential can make of our lives a perpetual falling-short… Adam Phillips…

Sort your Small Talk Fear

small talk. Networking.

3 steps to go from small talk fear to small talk savvy. At some point, you or someone you know will have said something like :— “I am not a fan of small talk” or “I hate small talk” or…