Make it real podcast guest Gemma Murphy

Gemma Murphy, ‘The Website Architect’, makes websites make sense for you and those you want to land on it!

No jargon, just good common sense.

This episode is packed full of the obvious that isn’t obvious until someone points it out.

Masses of actionable actions.

You will finally start to feel that you could have some control over what your website does for you – bring yourself into your website world.

We talked about

Beauty of simplicity


Being in control

Primal Brains – laziness

Why SEO?

Keeping a website alive

Having a plan – and evolving


Resources mentioned

Gemma’s free guide: 5 Things you can do to fix your biz

Connecting with the guest



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About the author 

Trisha Lewis

Highly intuitive coach and natural communicator. Pulling on background as a professional actor, speaker and facilitator - plus the academic underpinning in all things communication. My mission is to show every individual wanting to succeed in business - employed or self-employed - that they can do this as themselves - they can have impact without selling their soul - from a conversation to a presentation.

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