155: Manage negative self talk with this mind trick. Trisha Lewis.

Stop beating yourself up! Not so easy. Negative self talk, inner critic, catastrophising, self-doubt spirals – they are a natural consequence of being human.

But – our rush to beat ourselfs up when we believe we have ‘failed’ in some way – is a real squasher! It stops us moving forward and often results in us wallowing in a swamp of self-doubt for hours, weeks or even years!

In this episode you will join me in exploring why we do this negative self-talk and – crucially – how we can manage it – accept it and then do something to move us forward.

There is a kind of mind trick involved – and it revolves around a well researched concept – ‘distanced self talk’ –  Article here.

I also recommend the book – ‘Chatter’ by Ethan Kross.

And – my book – ‘The Mystery of the Squashed Self’ and TEDx talk.