154: Flourishing as an individual in a collective. With Emily Braithwaite

How to flourish as an individual in a Collective. Have you found your tribe? Do you feel valued for your individual approach and contribution whilst also part of a supportive group with shared aims?


Emily Braithwaite is the co founder of ‘Yellow Tuxedo’ – online visibility for small business owners. They have a brilliant community called Digital Circus and so she understands this need for being amongst a group that see you as an individual. In this episode you also hear her squashing and unsquashing story and how she maintains her individuality whilst working with her husband!

Emily also shares an inspiring story about a recent trip to Malawi with a group of women – to work with a group of aspiring business women. A gripping listen!

Emily Braithwaite – Yellow Tuxedo Website: https://www.yellowtuxedo.co.uk/

NB – If you prefer to watch – the video is on my YouTube channel – here: 

More resources for your unsquashing mission (the book, the TEDx) here. 

Emily Braithwaite Yellow Tuxedo

My Guest – Emily Braithwaite

Co Founder of Yellow Tuxedo – Online Visibility for Small Business Owners – Jargon free!

Emily often comes as a pair – with husband Alan! I have split them up (so to speak). Alan will be a guest in an upcoming podcast – don’t miss the treat. They are wonderful storytellers and insight gifters 🙂