152: Believe in the value of your non-fiction book idea. Helen Pollock

Why are you allowing self-doubt to squash your non-fiction book idea? Why do women in particular have deep fears about being judged negatively if they publish a non-fiction book about the thing they have tons of experience in – that will help others? What are the procrastination demons and what do you do to get unstuck and belief in your right to write that book!

My guest is Helen Pollock – founder of ‘Her Next Chapter’ – with a rich background in PR, Ghostwriting and content coaching.  She is on a mission to help women entrepreneurs create more impact, inspire others and build a legacy no-one can take away from them, by writing a business book to be proud of.

Quote: (Helen frequently hears this from her clients)

“Am I being arrogant? Am I showing off? Will people judge me for doing this – for writing this – for little old me writing a book.”

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