80 Gemma Stow -Self Promotion for the Quiet Ones

Gemma Stow guest Make it Real podcast


Gemma Stow is on a mission to get the more introverted, quieter women get visible and own their value.

This could apply to many small business owners – and doesn’t exclude the men!

This conversation takes a deep dive into the barriers and the ways forward when it comes to self-promotion for the non-pushy. 

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No More Hiding Podcast

Fascinating things we talk about

  • Self-awareness – play to your own strengths
  • Owning your passion – because it is yours!
  • Introvert/Extrovert insights
  • Push pull aspect of ‘values’
  • Self-promotion – not shouting!
  • The power of ‘quiet’
  • The desire to belong
  • The power of conversation and vulnerability
  • Gender pay gap!

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