77 Liam Toms – Star Wars v Trek Emotional Pull

Liam Toms guest Make it Real Podcast


A fun and very thought-provoking conversation between a Star Wars nerd and Captain Kirk fan! 

Liam Tom is a media and communications consultant who knows about the need for emotional engagement – so we go deep on all things ‘emotion’ in the two space classics.

Fun yes – but also highly relevant to us as business owners. Delving into the emotional ingredients of sets and soundtracks and the characters – human and metal – how we connect and care about them. Authenticity and vulnerability – it’s all here, wrapped around with story and nerdiness.

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Links to resources mentioned

Dave Meerman Scott (author of Fanocracy)

The entire Star Wars and Star Trek film and TV archive! You can look that up!

BBC 4 Doc – TV Themes – Neil Brand

The Clangers

William Shatner Albums!

Fascinating things we talk about

  • The Star TREK story that influenced Liam’s life!
  • The emotional impact of sets – from basic to fancy!
  • Why music matters (yes we both sing)
  • How does Fallibility and Vulnerability in characters influence us
  • Luke and a portrayal of depression
  • How do we emotionally connect to non-human characters
  • The new AI world and communication.
  • Brains
  • Using these films to trigger discussions in schools.

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