#66 Sarah Jane Woods – Emotional Health Check


As Sarah Jane says – beautifully – ‘we have to fall apart sometimes to see the pieces’. Just like in our business growth. Business and emotions go together like our body and mind. Let’s get aligned! Sarah Jane is a well-being activist who has a science based approach to emotional health and flourishing – science and tree-hugging are not enemies. Break habits and make habits with the help of these insights and actions delivered in the calming voice of S J.

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IEMT – The therapy that Sarah Jane is trained to use – more detail here

Fascinating things we talk about

  • Anxiety and stress are not emotions
  • We have associations from old memories  – desensitize
  • Building identity by leaving some behind
  • Energy buckets
  • Opening emotionally
  • Male and female energy combined
  • Putting roots down – trees!
  • Daily habits

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Trisha Lewis

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I love hosting this podcast – trust me that is important if you are thinking of starting one! I love it because I meet and talk with fascinating people. I love it because it combines practical and psychological – with a dollop of human story. 

When I am not loving interviewing and editing …  I am loving working with fascinating clients – helping them to find who they really are- then be it – then make sure people see it! I help release the REAL them into the world with REAL impact. You could call me a communication coach – but I mentor, direct, facilitate and work on more than public speaking! More of my background story here.

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