#56 Anthony Story Part 2 – Removing your self-imposed barriers

Make it Real Podcast guest Anthony Story

Following on from Episode 49 – Anthony Story, director of Silicon South, continues to explore fascinating layers of human behaviour and business. 

This half covers topics ranging from numerology and suspension of disbelief to attainable markets, illusion and choice. 

The resources shared in this half alone are many and rich.


We talked about

Accepting your personality

Numerology – Positive and Negative you

Curiosity, perspective, trust

Creating your own reality

Suspension of disbelief

Permission to fail

Ice cream

Attainable Market

Resources mentioned

Sapiens – Yuval Harari

Rory Sutherland – Behavioral Economics

Call to Action Podcast

Blue Ocean Strategy

Simon Sinek – Golden Circle

Simon Sinek – Golden Circle


Connecting with the guest




Episode updates plus

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