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A supportive, fun and ’real-talk’ companion for small business owners who want to build their business without feeling squashed by the shoulds.
Find you, be you and let them see you. Real conversations with thought-provokers and tactic sharers.

A business podcast with no airs and graces and plenty of heart and soul. Funny, honest and real. Interviewing some of the great and the good independent business owners who stand out through their content and the communities they build. Recommended for anyone looking to do the same – not through cheats and shortcuts but through the creation of an authentic presence. Two normal human beings having a chat and sharing brilliant stories and valuable and applicable lessons.

Latest 2 Episodes of The Make It Real Podcast

#120 – Communicate Assertively

Short episodes for the Sunny Summer!

Do you want to communicate assertively? Does the word have bad associations for you? This episode will remove the negative vibes and equip you with 3 actionable steps to become a communicator who engages and influences – without being bossy and domineering! 

3 things you might currently be doing without realising it – very human – and 3 ways to stop these and become more assertive in the process.

#119 – Sort Your Small Talk Fear

Inspired by the ‘ 4-Pillars of LinkedIn’ conversation with Louise Brogan

Inspired by Ep 118 where Louise Brogan used a brilliant analogy of chatting to a new person at a coffee queue at an event – to relationship building in comments on LI!

3 ways to reframe ‘small talk’ and make it into less scary ‘big talk’!

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