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Rebecca Perl

S2 Ep 2 Rebecca Perl - Yes you can write - just start. Motivating you to think about what and how you write

Rebecca knows what works when it comes to the written word - and she talks good common sense - such as ‘if you can think, you can write’.  Blogs, website copy, articles - keep it simple - think about who you are writing for - and importantly enjoy the process. Insight, tips and resources in this relaxed and rich chat.

Achim Nowak

Achim Nowak

Season 2 starts!  Ep 1: Open the door to connection

Achim Nowak is a C-Suite success coach who knows how to get people to be their ‘brilliant best’ - in a ‘make it real’ way. We talk about energy, being present, being real - and how all this works when you step into the ‘speaker role’. He shares a moment of transformational discovery whilst preparing for his TEDs talk ‘Enough Already’ - it might surprise you.  

We talk about 'Authenticity' - but not just as a buzzword!

Learn more about Achim at Author of 3 brilliant books (I have them on my shelf).The Moment, Infectious and Power Speaking. Tedx Talk - Enough Already

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Here's a real story for you! The music on the podcast...

The intro and outro music tracks are original recordings by a band called GANGALOYA -

I had the amazing adventure of being the singer with the band a few years back - and making up a few lyrics along the way!

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