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Mark Struczewski

Mark Struczewski helps people be productive in a distracted world– and we all need to be productive! Learn how Mark found himself where he is and get his good meaty tips and tactics – nothing fluffy about this episode. Just get on with it and listen. From micro-breaks to delegating to downtime – he has you covered.

What is the Make it Real podcast all about! 

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Episode #1 is a short introduction to the Podcast - just me - you don't need any show notes for this one!

Brilliant nuggets of wisdom from PR Warrior Trevor Young. We start with real definitions of ‘owned’ versus ‘earned’ content – and PR. Then a deep dive on how showing up as a real person, across all your content, will build relationships on and offline. How do we do this?

What John Espirian doesn't know about LinkedIn, content and relationship building isn't worth knowing! By making your content relevant, interesting – human… you will be building credibility in a far richer way than if you post about your amazing award or new client (with no other story of relevance).  It is the conversations that you start that get you noticed! 

Content to conversation - Tracey Tait is so easy to talk with! We start talking about her loving a cup of tea, putting the washing out and having normal conversations! We progress to some serious points about not having a rule book, learning from other people’s mistakes and successes and being a bit brave about being real. Great tip for the quieter listeners – how to be real as you turn the spotlight away from you and onto your client or target clients.

Janine Coombes - another very real person talking in a very real way about real challenges and offering real tactics! Love it. Just what is marketing and what is it not? How do you make a very real simple marketing plan? Avoid overwhelm and know when to take or leave advice!

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Here's a real story for you! The music on the podcast...

The intro and outro music tracks are original recordings by a band called GANGALOYA -

I had the amazing adventure of being the singer with the band a few years back - and making up a few lyrics along the way!

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