The podcast to keep you UNSQUASHED and Curious!

Showing up to share at work and in your business means spotting and sorting the squasher FIBs that hold you back – Fears, Illusions and Baggage – and ‘the self squashing prophecy’ of course!

Stay unsquashed with these shared interviews, inspirations and practical tools – all part of navigating the self-doubt and ’should traps’ that come flying at you as you grow your business or career. Communication and confidence tips with the real you at the core. From messaging and marketing to meetings and motivation!

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So refreshing!

5 stars
This podast feels like sitting down with pals for a natter and a cuppa. It’s refreshingly real, very human and Trisha’s enthusiasm, curiosity and energy shine through every episode I’ve listened to so far. And I will definitely be dipping into past episodes – what an amazing, inspiring array of guests! LouiseBettyLou

Latest Episodes

Personal Branding the Introvert Way

A joyful approach to being visible as an introvert entrepreneur

We will all meet confidence and joy squashers along the path of personal branding. For introverts, most routes to self-promotion feel draining and darn right dreadful!  But it doesn’t need to be this way – you can be true to you and truly seen.  In this episode, Introvert Impact Coach Fifi Mason explores personal branding from the perspective of an introvert – and how to be visible to the right people without losing your identity or getting lost down a hole of ‘should traps’.

Resources mentioned

Breaking the habit of being yourself – Dr Joe Dispenza

IntrovertU Entrepreneur – follow Fifi Mason on LinkedIn to keep in the loop and updated on ‘The Quietly Influential Summit’ events.

Career Happiness

How to spot when a change of direction is needed – the symptoms and the sensible steps.

Are you looking after your wellbeing as you work? Is your career or business plan in need of a tweak or change? What are the symptoms to spot and the small step realistic actions to take if you have lost your mojo or worse you’re losing sleep. Soma Ghosh is host of the ‘Career Happiness’ podcast and a very realistic career advisor. Her insights are holistic and invaluable. 

Resources referenced in this episode:

The Stress Solution – Dr Chatterjee

Diary of a CEO podcast – Steven Bartlett talking with Simon Sinek

Soma Ghosh – LinkedInWebsitePodcast

Stop making assumptions

How to stop guessing and start asking – 5 mins 3 steps

Humans make assumptions. We think we are mind readers. We are not. We don’t know what people are thinking – although we might get lucky with a guess now and then. People make assumptions about us too. How to be aware of how we come accross and stop trying to mind read. 5 mins 3 steps episode.

I refer to two resources in this episode:

Tessa West – Egocentricity bias – listen to this episode of Hidden Brain Podcast

And my TEDx talk – Beware the Self Squashing Prophecy

Lori Weber – The mindful Eating Clinic

Self Esteem and Dieting

What is your relationship with food? What does your inner chatter say when you look in the mirror or look at other people and tumble into self-sqaushing spirals? My guest Lori Weber is the founder of The Mindful Eating Clinic – and has a very real and holistic approach to all this self-image beating up stuff. She busts a big myth and gives a big tip or two. A very human conversation.

Lori is a Master Practitioner coach and therapist working in disordered eating and weight management.  She spent decades bingeing, starving, yo-yo dieting and overeating, so she knows what it feels like to be stuck in a relationship with food which can dominate your life.  Lori has helped many people find health and confidence through her empathetic and practical coaching, online courses, podcast and talks.


The Mindful Eating Clinic (

What listeners are saying about Unsquashed (formerly ‘Make it Real’) – 5 Star Reviews!

A supportive, fun and ’real-talk’ companion for small business owners who want to build their business without feeling squashed by the shoulds.
Find you, be you and let them see you. Real conversations with thought-provokers and tactic sharers.

A business podcast with no airs and graces and plenty of heart and soul. Funny, honest and real. Interviewing some of the great and the good independent business owners who stand out through their content and the communities they build. Recommended for anyone looking to do the same – not through cheats and shortcuts but through the creation of an authentic presence. Two normal human beings having a chat and sharing brilliant stories and valuable and applicable lessons.

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