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143: The Perfectionist Trap: With Trisha Lewis

The advantages of being a bit more imperfect! SHORT SUMMER UNSQUASHER

In this episode I explore – and offer tips!

Overcoming the fear of making mistakes or not knowing something in a podcast or panel setting
Embracing imperfection and not striving for perfection
The negative effects of constantly striving for perfection
Recognizing that it’s impossible to know everything
Making mistakes as a valuable learning experience
Reflecting on the reasons why you were asked to be on a panel or podcast
Emphasizing the value of experiences, wisdom, questions, curiosity, and insights
Not knowing everything leading to thought-provoking discussions and debates
The worst-case scenario of making a mistake
Using mistakes as an opportunity for growth and further exploration

142: Grow Your Confidence: With Fay Wallis

What is confidence? How do you grow it?

Career Coach Fay Wallis is frequently faced with clients who say ‘I just want to be more confident’.  Confidence dips are human. But what is confidence? How do we work on growing our self-confidence and feeling more confident in our thoughts, actions and feelings? This episode unpacks all of this and more.

We explore:

The Self-depricating habit

The myth of – everyone has it together

The power of ‘yet’

Growth and fixed mindset

Triggers of confidence dips

The brain-body effect

The power of small steps

Connect with Fay Wallis –  LinkedIn, Website.



Imposter Syndrome – Research conducted by Clance and Imes in the 1970s. 

Book: Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck

Book: “How Emotions Are Made” by Dr. Lisa Feldman

Podcast Episode: “How to be More Assertive” – Episode 91 of the HR Coffee Time podcast

  • Timestamp: 00:12:37 

Five Whys – Link to the technique 


The self-deprecating trap [00:04:48]
Faye shares a personal story about how she used to make self-deprecating jokes and how her boss called her out on it.

Confidence as a common struggle [00:08:05]
Faye discusses how confidence is a recurring issue for about 98% of her clients, including those in senior roles.

Addressing specific confidence issues [00:10:41]
Faye shares advice she received about tackling confidence issues by identifying the specific areas where individuals lack confidence.

The importance of narrowing down specific issues [00:11:42]
Discussion on how to identify and address specific areas of lacking confidence.

The impact of negative self-judgment on confidence [00:13:44]
Exploration of how self-criticism and negative self-judgment can affect confidence levels.

The power of a growth mindset [00:16:03]
Explanation of the concept of a growth mindset and its positive impact on confidence and personal development.

The blips of self-doubt during transitions [00:25:36]
Discussion on how transitions, such as stepping into a new role or returning to work after a break, can trigger moments of self-doubt and fear of the unknown.

Understanding the physical reactions of fear and excitement [00:28:09]
Explanation of how the body’s fight or flight response can cause physical symptoms like shaking, clammy hands, and a creaky voice, and how reframing these reactions as signs of excitement can help boost confidence.

Practical tip: Recognizing the brain’s role in emotions [00:30:09]
Recommendation of the book “How Emotions Are Made” by Dr. Lisa Feldman as a resource for understanding how the brain processes emotions, helping to debunk the myth that there is something inherently wrong with oneself.

The power of small steps [00:33:26]
Taking small steps towards building confidence, such as adjusting body language, can have a significant impact.

Building confidence through tiny steps [00:35:42]
Progressing gradually and consistently with small steps can lead to increased confidence in any area.

Confidence comes through action [00:37:47]
Confidence is not something you are born with, but rather something that is developed through taking action and trying.

Why listen to UNSQUASHED the podcast?

So refreshing!

5 stars
This podast feels like sitting down with pals for a natter and a cuppa. It’s refreshingly real, very human and Trisha’s enthusiasm, curiosity and energy shine through every episode I’ve listened to so far. And I will definitely be dipping into past episodes – what an amazing, inspiring array of guests! LouiseBettyLou

Stay unsquashed with these shared interviews, inspirations and practical tools – all part of navigating the self-doubt and ’should traps’ that come flying at you as you grow your business or career. Communication and confidence tips with the real you at the core. From messaging and marketing to meetings and motivation!

Showing up to share at work and in your business means spotting and sorting the squasher FIBs that hold you back – Fears, Illusions and Baggage – and ‘the self squashing prophecy’ of course!

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But, guess what – I also share my own story of feeling “self-squashed” and relate to Bee’s rebellious nature. Together, we remind you that creativity is innate in all of us and doesn’t always have to result in a masterpiece. Break free from those fears and societal pressures, and revel in the small creative acts of everyday life.

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The Power of a Portfolio Career

Is having a portfolio career less impressive than putting all your eggs in one basket work-wise? If you are doing more than one freelance job or part-time job – are you just ‘messing around’ rather than being a serious and valuable business ower or employee?  If you are fighting to pigeon hole ‘what you do’ – listen to this! I offer a fresh perspective on the ‘eggs in many baskets’ route – and a way of making sure you are not just being squashed by the ‘should trap’ of ‘this is the only way to do it’! 

With the encroaching Tsunami of AI – this might be exactly the right time to be diversifying – and I offer a perpective that will have you doing this proudly.

Digital Wellbeing Check up Sam Flynn

If your relationship with social media feels draining listen to this episode! For those who need to be visible on social media for business but you don’t feel in control – a must listen! My guest Sam Flynn will guide you calmly through this condundrum.  She is a Digital Wellbeing coach and social media trainer and understands this tension between healthy curiosity and visibility and time-sucking digital burn out.

In this episode we bust some myths and gain calm perspective. AND you will get practical tips on:

Social media time management

Digital Detox – the non- dramatic way

Smart phone v Desktop options

Encouraging a more positive ‘feed’ 

Avoiding what Sam calls ‘Doom Following’.

Connect with Sam Flynn on LinkedIn 

Be Nice to Yourself – Try this

In this solo short episode I share a simple self-affirmation tactic to use when you are beating yourself up over ‘failure’. The thing that didn’t go well might be trivial but you are flooded with an illogical sense of being utterly useless.  It could be a technical glitch on a LinkedIn Live or you might have stumbled over some words in a presentation.  It could be sports related – as in my story that you will hear.  The thing is – I found a way of stopping the mind body fight flight flooding – and in this episode I share this very simple tactic.

I talk about some human things that you can delve into more if you wish!

Threat to Identity


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A supportive, fun and ’real-talk’ companion for small business owners who want to build their business without feeling squashed by the shoulds.
Find you, be you and let them see you. Real conversations with thought-provokers and tactic sharers.

A business podcast with no airs and graces and plenty of heart and soul. Funny, honest and real. Interviewing some of the great and the good independent business owners who stand out through their content and the communities they build. Recommended for anyone looking to do the same – not through cheats and shortcuts but through the creation of an authentic presence. Two normal human beings having a chat and sharing brilliant stories and valuable and applicable lessons.

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