What impact are you having?

Read on if you are a business owner, employee or student (covered most bases there!). Read on if you are interested in fine-tuning the impact you have on others when you communicate – and are open to having some tactics to try.

As a coach who encourages my clients to try things out, to role play and rehearse – and then hear or see themselves back … I know the value of getting people to listen to themselves! As an actor who has worked with some great directors – I know the value of that process too.

Of course I would recommend you work with a coach… but I am happy to give you some tactics you can use on your own or with a friend!

Here goes:

To 'rehearse' I recommend you pop your phone on a tripod and press record – playback, observe and try again. You might also try using the voice record app on your phone – no visual just voice. This is good for listening to the message and not being distracted by the ‘delivery’.

This is all well and good – but the important part is to know what to look and listen for. 

So here is my suggested ‘impact audit’ checklist for 3 communication ‘vehicles’: 

Elevator' Pitch, Talk, Video.

1. Clarity

Put yourself in their shoes.

Imagine you know nothing about your business. Are you confusing them or making it clear enough for them to tell someone else about what you do. Leave some pauses!

Less is more. They can ask you questions – you can give them a flyer or contact details.

People are easily distracted, and they don’t want to work too hard to understand – are you keeping their attention and keeping the message uncluttered?

2. Reality

Are you making what you do ‘come alive’?

Use examples, stories or comparisons with something they will instantly ‘get’.

  • ‘You know that feeling when…’
  • ‘It’s a bit like….’
  • ‘This week I had a client who…’

3. Personality

Does it sound and look like you?

Is there a warmth and sense of connection in your voice and body language?

Are you giving people a sense that you are interested in them and are open to questions?

Are you smiling? (Naturally not forced!)

Making eye contact? (Naturally not forced!)

Beyond this blog post, I can work with you as an individual. Whilst the above tips are helpful, working with a coach will take your communication impact to the next level! There are bound to be certain 'barriers' and 'quirks'... we can do some deep-dive work that will pay dividends in more ways than you realise 🙂

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Trisha Lewis

I help people become more effective communicators through the kind of coaching that offers a safe space to explore and rehearse and better understand the impact they have. My blog is full of insights and tactics that will help you break down the barriers that prevent you from being a truly effective communicator. These insights are based on my own experience as well as the issues raised during coaching sessions and workshops.