Unsquasher Bootcamp

A kickstart 4 step 1:1 bespoke coaching to spot and sort confidence barriers

Have you heard of ‘impostor syndrome’? Do you have it? Is it curable? Maybe it is just a question of getting you ‘unsquashed’.  We all do a bit or a lot of ‘self-squashing’ – and it holds you back and leeches joy and energy.  

I mention impostor syndrome so a quick unpacking might be helpful.

What is the meaning of impostor syndrome ?

It isn’t a syndrome! It is a ‘feeling’.  You might feel slightly alienated from yourself. You might feel that you are ‘getting away with it’ in your job – even when you have plenty of experience and value to offer.  You might feel nothing you do is ever really ‘good enough’ even when it is! You might feel frustrated by never really being yourself.  You slip into people pleasing mode and get annoyed when you do.  You over prepare and feel exhausted and annoyed with yourself. You compare yourself to others and can’t help feeling they are ‘better’. However irrational these feelings are, they feel real.

My ‘self-squashing’ perspective adds another element – and it is in many ways more positive!

As I say in my book and TEDx talk – the definition of ‘self squashing’ is:

“Suppressing your true self due to a fear that revealing your full passion, personality and power will have you judged as an unlikable show off.”

You know you could nail it – but you better not!

What will you gain?

From personal and client experience I suggest you will gain some or all of these:

  • Explanations that make sense of the feelings that frustrate you
  • A more grounded sense of ‘you’
  • Ways of delivering effective self-lectures!
  • Your role models or even alter egos to tap into
  • Seeing the FIBs (see below) for what they are! Mystery no more.
  • Clarity and direction – energy refresh

How does it work?

4 x 1-hour 1:1 Zoom sessions taking you on a journey with results. Session recordings and notes throughout and a FREE copy of my book!


This is about YOU not someone else – so we need to find out your set of FIBs (see below). Relevant resources and notes/homework given

Fine tune

This is fun! We get forensic and start joining the dots – themes, triggers, drivers and lightbulbs galore. Identifying key ‘squashers’. More notes/homework


Now we ‘make it real’. As an actor I am good at taking you into different situations and playing conversations out. We spot the ‘graunchy bits’! Notes etc.


Practical time! Working on BESPOKE reframes and tools for you to use. Refresh main insights and run through action and resources.

Fears Illusions and Baggage Trisha Lewis TEDx Talk

FIBs that hold you back.

Fears – fear of rejection being the big one for us humans

Illusions – Social media fed myths and our ‘cognitive illusions’

Baggage – Well we all have that!

Your Investment?

£500.00 total for the 4 sessions plus recordings, resources and notes. This can be paid in 2 installments of £260 (prior to session 1 and 4 weeks later).

Ready to start?

Let’s get to know each other a little more

Book your Discovery Call

I want you to feel enthused about the process not fearful! Let’s make sure this ‘Unsquasher Bootcamp’ is right for you. Diary link below – for a (no obligation) 15 minute Zoom call. If it’s a ‘yes’ – I will send admin and your ‘Unsquasher Thought-Nudger’ before session 1.

Trisha Lewis
Photo: Hattie Miles

An extra reward!

All my ‘Unsquasher Graduates’ recieve a complementary copy of my book.

Trisha Lewis. The Mystery of the Squashed Self. Business non-fiction book for Small Business Owners