Trisha has crafted a unique blend of cozy mystery with crucial mindsets and success strategies - all laced with her wit and charm. A valuable read that’s fun throughout!

Andrea Waltz - Co-author "Go for No!"

I am so enjoying your book. It is so strange to read through each different client and their barriers and recognise them as people I have spoken to. 
It’s so helpful to now put a name to each barrier.
I'm loving the style and the humour. You have stayed so authentic to you and your personality, which is refreshing in this market place and not a hint of 'I'm better than you so please join my fan club'.

Sarah Veakins - Senior Business Advisor, Get Set for Growth Dorset

This book will help you get the clarity, confidence and courage you need to take your business to the next level… and beyond!  If you’ve been going in circles or hit a plateau, Trisha’s fresh, fun and practical framework for getting unstuck and on track to creating a business you love is just what you need.

Margie Warrel - Author "You've Got This!"

I ADORE your book. It's like you've climbed inside my head and written it just for me. I saw myself in both Client S and Client T so I imagine there will be plenty of readers who do the same thing. The 'create your own case' is brilliant as it gets the reader involved (and accountable). I loved every word. You have a fabulous 'voice' for writing - plenty of humour without being flippant.

Shelley Wilson - Author and writer

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