Talks and Workshops

Starting conversations - inspiring action


I have some 'off the shelf' options (always tweaked mind you) and I can design a talk around your brief.  By background as an actor, entertainer and speaker means I will an inspired and engaged audience and a happy and relaxed organiser!


I am a fan of action - not just talk! Knowledge is helpful for understanding - but to embed learning you need action-focused workshops. Impostor Syndrome - how is it showing up, why... what to do about it. Working in pairs,, as one group and in small groups. Self-awareness and sharing are the top two tactics! 

Hackathon Day Liverpool Victoria


You want meetings or events to fully engage the attendees and participants - or else they are a waste of precious time! Sometimes you need an outsider to provide energy, structure and even entertainment! I am good at all these - see what others say!

See the review below ...

Caroline Brown UX Manager Liverpool Victoria

Energised the room and enabled creativity to flow

After the initial call with Trisha to help us facilitate an internal hackathon she immediately understood the brief and I had full confidence that she was the right person for the job. It was very easy to work with her in preparation to the event and during the hackathon. Trisha’s natural abilities in communication and empathy ensured the event ran smoothly and on time. She successfully adapted to the style of the event and type of audience. The hackathon was a success due to the ‘safe space’ that Trisha curated, which energised the room and enabled creativity to flow. I’d highly recommend Trisha.

"Massive ‘yay’ to this event – cleared so much of the feelings I have had all my life!"

"I thought Trisha was a fabulous speaker – so insightful and inspirational  I look forward to future events."

"A great presentation by a brilliant facilitator. I feel more confident and have a better outlook already!"