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Removing barriers to success

Gill Donnell MBE Founder - Successful Women in Business

Fabulously engaging speaker

What a fabulously engaging speaker, full of fun and lots of anecdotes.
I thoroughly recommend working with Trisha.

Whether a talk or a workshop - timings and content are adapted to fit the audience, attendees and practicalities. Overview and sample timetable on request.

Strong/Warm Balance

Exploring the 'double-bind' issue for women in business. Illustrated by real women throughout history.



Brave or crazy?

Tame Your Inner Critic

Exploring the kind of pervasive self-doubt frequently referred to as 'Impostor Syndrome'.

Burn out?

Hide out?

Freak out?

Engaging  Presenter

What makes the difference between an 'ok' presentation and a 'brilliant' one? What are the barriers?




Authentic Connection

Exploring the ingredients of being authentic - the insight and tactics beyond the buzzword. 

Are we fixed?

What is faking it?

How vulnerable?


Escaping the Cage of Self-Doubt
A very real instructional story (funny in hindsight)

It is never too late!

My personal story has a happy ending - this talk is inspiring I promise!

Audiences appreciate the resonating stories, the humour and the gems of wisdom from a journey that starts in 1973 when I landed in a huge boy's school - one of just 6 girls taken into the 6th form! 

From careers in advertising to acting, via marriages and muddle - these are key lessons learnt that apply to anyone trapped in the cage of self-doubt.

I could visibly see lightbulbs of realisation in peoples faces

Trisha's talk at Cameras and Coffees was fantastic, there were several times that I could visibly see lightbulbs of realisation in peoples faces. As always she brought copious energy to the room and was really open to hearing other peoples opinions and questions. Thanks Trisha!!

Paul Hamblin Producer Treehouse Digital Ltd

Much better at talking about my business

I have always found it difficult talking about my business and myself. Trisha has helped to come up with new and exciting ways to describe what I am all about. Communication is key to any business, so if you are serious about succeeding you should really give some sessions with Trisha serious thought.

Joe Cole Owner All Build Developments

I saw my confidence improve

Working with Trisha has helped me to improve my approach to communication, given me real clarity and in the time I worked with her I saw my confidence improve. A lady I would happily work with again and recommend.

Nikki Williams People Experience Manager - Lush

"Massive ‘yay’ to this event – cleared so much of the feelings I have had all my life!"

"I though Trisha was a fabulous speaker – so insightful and inspirational  I look forward to future events."

"A great presentation by a brilliant facilitator. I feel more confident and have a better outlook already!"

Schools and Community
Talks and Workshops on Impostor Syndrome

'Community Fee' offered to schools and certain organisations and charities.

Deb Porter Lead for Young Enterprise - Poole High School

So many students took such a lot away from the day.

The day was so worthwhile and I know that so many students took such a lot away from the day. I would like to recommend you to the Head of 6th form and their enrichment coordinator who is always looking for speakers and guests that might come and support some of the other activities.

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Extracts from a 30 minute talk - School Assembly

Very very useful, best workshop ever! 


Was fantastic! Delivered superbly and was very very useful, best workshop ever!

Katie Jane - Small business owner

You prompted some thoughts!


Thanks for your workshop yesterday, your honesty and passion is refreshing. You've prompted some thoughts about how we can be better at learning by spending time reflecting, something I'll ponder.

David Matthews - Owner Upton Beach Consultancy

it really struck a chord


Thanks for a fantastic workshop today! It has given me lots to think about and was really refreshing to know we all get negative thoughts! When you said about comparing other people’s websites and then giving up based on false beliefs, it really struck a chord-I was literally doing that last night!

Annie Elston - Elston Holgate Consultancy