A well constructed 5 step online course designed to help you craft a truly engaging talk.  A business essential!

Meet your tutor - Trisha Lewis

This course guides you to:

Brainstorm a great idea

Structure the talk

Use frames such as story

Ensure that the talk resonates

Pull it all together 

Leave them wanting more!


At the end of the 5 steps you have a 'Content Map' that will inspire you to get out there giving talks.

A talk will get you and your business noticed and trusted - it will result in new customers and clients!

What the students and clients are saying:

Perfectly chunked!

Time is always a big issue for me and your course was perfectly chunked to make it realistically doable – a big bonus in my view!

Illana Smith Owner - Hari Hari

Got lots of compliments!

My talk went really well today. Got loads of compliments - thank you so much..

Sam Sharma Entrepreneur

The course:

  • Designed from personal experience
  • Presented in 5 progressive steps
  • Lifetime access with lifetime rewards!

Having an engaging talk will

 lead to business opportunities.

Be the business owner or entrepreneur speaking up and getting noticed in all the right ways.

A good talk is a business or career essential -

not a fluffy extra! 

You might even get paid to give your talk!

5 Step course

Clear, step by step, tangible end result. 

No bells and whistles - just the resources and tuition you need to succeed in your mission to 

sort your signature talk and get up and out there! This creating method will make your talk stand out.


Your Concern​s

The Answers

Where will I deliver my talk?

Conferences, Networking events, Colleges, Universities, Community clubs and more!

Ho can I make my talk engaging?

By using a framework and understanding the more subtle layers that build connection with your audience.

How do I get over public speaking fears?

Tactics and Practice! Stick with me. This is achievable.

This course works!

This course is definitely going to help me waste less time and create super engaging talks!

I already saw how I could structure a number of talks and my message after doing Step 1!

I loved the fact that the videos were short and precise, each with a printable hand out.

I have had to make a few talks related to my business and have always sort of winged them. I didn’t know where to start and how to stop – so would get information overload. Your course has made the whole process much more manageable. It is definitely going to help me waste less time and hopefully create super engaging talks.

The time spent I feel is definitely a great investment!!!

The videos are great. Clear, concise and told me exactly what was going to be covered, how it
would help me and what is expected of me. I liked the fact that it felt like you were speaking to me!!

Illana Smith Owner - Hari Hari

Course Preview
What are the 5 steps?


Idea Generation

Brainstorming central! Three idea creating techniques - and theme/link worksheets.

This is how you get out of your head and into a 'doing' mode!


Their Story Your Story

Deep dive on your 'audience' and the power of story


Bringing it Together

Connections, Structure, Flow and Frames - this is the kind of work other speakers forget!


The Engagement Factor

What is in it for them? Resonate and be relevant. The rapport element of content creation.


Content Map

You will now see why these steps are not random! This has been thought out big time. You now have a template to complete that pulls all your work together - you now have your idea, your voice, your connections and your credibility, engagement building signature talk structure!


What does a step look like in this course?

  • Short tutorial video
  • Core points in text form
  • Interactive worksheets and instructions
  • Extra resource links and downloads
  • Access to private Facebook group to share/learn/ask

Will I be able to share progress and ask for input from fellow students?


​There is a Facebook Group just for students of this course - a private group to get quality feedback and support - and regular live sessions with me.

How many hours will each step take me?

Everyone works at their own pace - but I would say 2 hours for each step. 

What will I have to show for my investment

By the end of the 5 steps you will have hammered out your big idea and put it into a structure - having really thought about the impact it will have. The reason some talks don't work? They have not been thought about from every possible angle - the big idea, the relevance, the hook, the story, the perspective and the call to action. 

You will have your 'content map' - ready to hit the road running.


I take a lot of time and put a lot of thought into my courses - so I am confident that this course will give you a tangible result and benefit.  If you put in the time and thought but for some reason you don't feel the course delivered what it promised then I offer a full refund.*

*Contact me within 20 days of signing up. (The course can be completed in 5 days).  I will need to see that you have completed the course.

Trisha Lewis - your course tutor talks the talk!

I have delivered hundreds of talks - I have created many from scratch.  I know what works (and what doesn't!)

Trisha had the audience in the palm of her hand. From the get go I was totally engaged - fabulous storytelling. Entertaining, professional, and educational.

Chloe Mason

Founder - Coffee Time French Ltd

Trisha was very engaging and clearly knowledgeable in her field. Her style was informal in the best way.

Thank you so much for another great evening! A great presentation by a brilliant facilitator

Audience members

'Aspiring Women' Event

Here I am in full brainstorming mode! Come and join me!

Trisha Lewis Course Tutor