Are you Self-Squashing?

Self Squashing is: -  Supressing your true self due to a fear that revealing and owning your full passion, personality and power will have you judged as an unlikeable show-off or an unprofessional outsider.

When you squash your true self, you stifle your impact and motivation. Nothing feels quite right - and nobody quite knows who you are.

The video describes a symptom you might recognise and here are a few more knock on effects - any seem familiar?

Self-Squashing Symptoms


Feeling that you are not being yourself.


Feeling that you are holding back and self-censoring for no obvious reason.

Not good enough self-talk:

Feeling as if you have no value (though you do)


Unhealthy comparison - looking at other websites and social media profiles and feeling 'less than'

People pleasing:

Not saying no! Trying to be everything to everyone


Trying to be the perfect mum, sister, daughter (or Male variety) - friend AND business owner!

Constant changes:

Being swayed by other people's opinions and advice and doubting your direction - to an unhealthy degree!

5 Steps to sort your self-squashing

  1. 1
    Get Out of Your Head
    Stop the patterns and avoid over-thinking and self-doubt spirals by objectively observing your recurrent 'barrier' thoughts and feelings and putting all your evidence out on the forensics table!
  2. 2
    Apply Curiosity and Reason
    Do the 5 'why's ('why do I do/feel this? Then ask why of the answer and repeat.) Place your fears in one column - and then jot down something more rational in the next column.
  3. 3
    Brainstorm the 'stuff' that makes you buzz. What makes you feel purposeful and aligned. What gets you 'flowing'.
  4. 4
    Worse Case Exercise
    Start thinking about the worst that could happen if you included more of your 'buzz-stuff' in your business - and you were more 'real you' Should be a reality check!
  5. 5
    own It! 
    Repeat and own this statement: 'Being myself won't limit me.'

Oh the value of an Unsquasher Hour!

How good would it feel to break through the squashers - to feel joy in your business and grab those opportunities with both hands. Imagine more YOU shining out of your slightly bland content ... and could it be time to explore some less than helpful repeat thinking patterns?