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'How to' guides - this is how you expand your communication skills and expand your business!

This 10 minute video training below is well worth a watch - I run through the 4 most common barriers to listening - do these and you lose the other person! Once you know what the barriers are - you will realise they are all common traps we fall into - but we need to stop falling into them.  Your quality of listening will be at expert level once armed with this level of awareness - and you will have a head start on your competition!

Make Networking Work
3 Step Plan
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How to Listen Properly - and create a bond with your prospect
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Impostor Syndrome - get to know what it is and how to take control of it! It could be holding you back.
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Create your story store - a valuable resource for preparing presentations and even networking introductions - whenever you need to engage - a relevant, resonating story works wonders
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