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Public Speaking to build your business – top 3 ways

Public speaking is a highly effective and free marketing tool

However, If public speaking is not your thing - don't stop reading! This might be just the motivation you need to deal with your public speaking fear or reluctance.  Your efforts will be rewarded.

3 reasons Public speaking can result in a sale

1. You have a captive audience

It is not easy to cut through all the 'noise' and get people to listen and engage. Many marketing investments will fail to achieve this - and they will be costly!

If you prepare and deliver a talk or presentation well - you will have them right there in the palm of your hand - and it will have cost 'zero' (except your time - but time well spent).


  • you are making a human connection  - people are crying out for this
  • they get to ask questions there and then - and that is a win-win
  • you create one talk and deliver it multiple times (with tweaks) at endless opportunities

2. You don't have to 'sell'

People are cynical and quick to turn off if they hear anything that shouts 'sell sell sell'!

But , with a talk you can share a story (know), resonate (like) and build your credibility (trust). This combination will result in the kind of engagement and curiosity that leads to a new client or sale - without them feeling sold to - result! It feels good for them and for you.


  • You give valuable insight and knowledge
  • You establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • You avoid the 'sales' reluctance that has you procrastinating! 

3. It's free exposure

Whilst your time is not free .. it is under your control and it is less costly than the kinds of marketing that require large financial investments up-front. There is a place for many other marketing strategies in your mix - but to overlook public speaking just doesn't make any sense!

So don't overlook it! You can search out so many opportunities - events that are going to be packed with your target market! They are there in the flesh - you don't have to have any algorithms or data stuff!

And who knows, you might be seen as such a valued resource that you get paid to speak - yes really!


  • you become the name people remember
  • you meet your target market face to face - market research 
  • you get better the more you do it!


You want to grow your business - well public speaking is just the fertiliser you need! In the time it takes you to sort your 'sales call' list of the week - you could have given a talk or presentation to a room full of leads - and they are now hot not cold! They want to know more - you have truly connected.

Work with a coach

Get the very best return on your time - work on content and delivery and ensure you have a talk that will achieve all the above marketing rewards.

If you are one of many who have a real fear of public speaking - I can help with that too.  

Brainstorm to Dress Rehearsal

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I help people become more effective communicators through the kind of coaching that offers a safe space to explore and rehearse and better understand the impact they have. My blog is full of insights and tactics that will help you break down the barriers that prevent you from being a truly effective communicator. These insights are based on my own experience as well as the issues raised during coaching sessions and workshops.

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