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The Programme

8 x 1-hour sessions - 4 months

£ 240.00 per month

  • Mindset work - peeling back layers
  • Exploring your 'authentic impact'
  • Using your story to engage
  • Your 'Impact Strategy'

It is all about IMPACT - you having a REAL impact. 

You standing out without selling your soul.  

What are the ingredients of 'IMPACT' and how do we build your REAL IMPACT?

IMPACT - Unpacked


To have real impact you need to develop your imagination muscles. You need to be open to new ways of doing things - continuous curiosity and growth. You need to build your visualisation skills - imagining the impact you have. You become an interesting and interested person when you communicate by using the power of story and questioning. We use the power of 'pretend' - role playing situations and people (you are working with an actor who is very skilled at this).


To have real impact you need to motivate yourself and others. This starts with getting your energy levels right and sorting the gremlins out. Energy is infectious. A person with impact is exudes enthusiasm - and that can be done quietly by the way.


People who have real impact when they are in conversation or delivering a talk do not achieve this by accident.  Preparation is like an actor rehearsing - and it frees you up to be in the moment when you communicate - and to have impact you need to be present, listening  and at ease with your message.


This is  not about pouting or posing! To have real impact you need to get people's attention. You need to have them leaning in and hanging on your every word. We live in a world full of distractions - and as humans we make instant judgments often based on non-verbals or vibes that occur even before someone has opened their mouth. Learning the tools of 'attracting' attention in an authentic way is a crucial ingredient of your impact.


You have their attention - but how do you keep it? You keep it by connecting - engaging. To have real impact you need to resonate. This means developing the skill of 'getting out of your head' and 'into their head'. It also means using story and emotion in an authentic way. It means being aware of all the barriers that can instantly break that connection.


This is not about being manipulative or flirtatious! This is about leaving them wanting more. To have real impact you must be aware of the 'less is more' rule. You want them asking questions, keen to know more about you and your message. You want to feel inspired and tempted to try things out. You also want to make it beautifully clear as to how they follow up.

We work on all these impact ingredients to create:


Mindset Impact.  Confidence is not a 'magic gift' - you build it. What stories are you telling yourself? We break down barriers and give you the key to 'You-Land' - such a relief I can tell you (from experience).


Authentic Impact.  You are in 'You-land'  - now you are aligned, authentic and aware. You are now really connecting with your 'audience'.


Emotional Impact. Only you have your stories and experience. Use your stories well and they will connect your 'audience' to you on an emotional level (powerful). 

My background has equipped me well to take you on this journey.  I was not born with a mythical magical 'confidence' - but I have never stopped working on my gremlins and continuously developed my confidence through small courage steps. As an actor I am highly skilled at being present, trying things out without judgement, intuitively spotting your 'disconnects'.

Plus - there is my specialty that blows minds regularly! My clients are initially a bit dubious about this - but after the first try they want more!  I use the tool of role-play to bring situations and people to life for you - all in a safe supportive space.

That person you look at and think - 'oh - one of those confident types' or 'they just light up a room when they enter' or 'how come everyone wants to talk to them' or 'look how they manage to engage an audience - I wish I could do that'.....  

That person who not only has impact but seems to be very at ease with themselves - come across so naturally...

That person could by you.

Let's do this.

First step - a 'Virtual Cuppa' - making sure this is the right programme for you.

Pick a good day and time and you will receive a confirmation and a ZOOM link.

Benefits of working with me  - some examples...

You try things out in a safe space - and see what works

What happens when you spend quality time in a safe, relaxed space - with a really good listener?

You question your 'blockage' thinking & habits

A snippet of a story about a highly capable business owner being released from a longstanding barrier!

You recognise and believe in your value

The best of us get confidence blips! Hear how I helped a client go from confidence blip to confidence boom!