Presentation Preparation

This presentation coaching saves time and maximises impact and results.We work on the narrative, a delivery style that is both natural to you and engaging to your audience – and then you rehearse with me as your director – including role-playing Q&A.

Presentation Coaching for Executives

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. So don’t do an average presentation – make it your very best and feel totally satisfied as you listen to the applause and the questions that are sparked off from your engaged audience. Then get the follow-on results – whether it is a new client, investor or a motivated team.

You need to be you – authenticity matters if you are to gain the trust of your audience. That is why template style presentation preparation and delivery coaching will not do the job.

You are going to put time and effort into this important presentation – you deserve 1:1 bespoke coaching that has your purpose and your style aligned and your content resonating and inspiring the listeners.

You might well be an experienced presenter – but you will know that the best people have coaches! So work with a professional communicator with over 20 years experience in delivering talks – and having audiences totally engaged.

What you get from this premium coaching package:

Each coaching programme is designed to meet each client’s needs. You are not forced into a style of content or delivery that doesn’t feel right. We take what you already have and ensure it engages, inspires and informs your audience. You will feel the presentation flow and you will enjoy the experience – and that enjoyment is felt by your audience.

Coaching hours and structure

12 hours contact time – 15 hours total coaching input

  1. Briefing and initial brainstorm  – 2 hours
  2. Brainstorm to outline mapping – 4 hours
  3. First rough run – 2 hours
  4. Refinement. Final decisions on visuals (when needed) – 2 hours
  5. Dress rehearsal – making it real – 2 hours

Plus ‘Director’s notes’ and email/phone communication throughout.


Your office, my office or a venue to be arranged.  (Travel and venue costs will be agreed)

Clients have used this coaching to prepare for:

  • An important conference keynote talk
  • A fund-raising presentation
  • A senior level interview
  • Inspiring teams to take up change challenges
  • Pitching to prospective clients

At the end of this coaching you will have

  • A fully structured outline or script – complemented by visuals if suited
  • Real clarity on the purpose and call to action – and the journey
  • Deep insight into your presentation style – what works and what doesn’t
  • A good idea of the possible Q & A – and your responses
  • A presentation that works for the specific context – and can be repurpose