Confidence and clarity work

Life and Business Coaching

Life and work and mind and body are connected with YOU at the core. We start with you and take action to stop the ruminating and frustration!

Ready to turn detective?

This video tells you about the coaching - and coach!

Every client I work with demonstrates that it makes perfect sense to work on your life and your work together! I know this from my personal experience. The key to working through confidence dips or clarity and motivation muddle is to step out of the spirals and spaghetti of your self-talk, and get forensic with an objective mentor, coach and director! 

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Are you asking yourself these questions?

Trisha Lewis life and business coaching
  • Do I stick with this or change?
  • How do I stand out as an individual more?
  • How can I stop people-pleasing and get assertive?
  • What is messing with my motivation?
  • Why this impostor syndrome stuff?
  • Why am I feeling wierdly insecure?

The more you keep asking yourself - the worse it gets! This needs unpacking in steps.

This coaching is:
  • starting with you as an individual
  • Finding themes, repeated patterns
  • Stepping away from the 'shoulds'
  • Owning your unique style and value
  • bespoke - but not budget blowing.
This coaching is not:
  • 10 steps to being you
  • The magic secret to confidence
  • All talk and no action!
Anna Bravington Trisha Lewis Coaching

Trisha is amazing to work with. She really helped me when I was a bit stuck in my career and I didn't know where to go next. She worked through how I got where I did and why I was doing certain things. She then taught me how to overcome barriers and to really understand what I wanted. I'm now about to start my own business and I couldn't have done it without Trisha. She'll unpick the real you, and then show you how to communicate that out to your audience.

Anna Bravington -  Fibro Warrior
Nicola Bravington Trisha Lewis Coach

Wow is all I can say. An hour with Trisha and I finally feel like I have a clear view of where I want to be and what's clouding the view. Trisha is so easy to talk to and without you realising, gets you to open up and investigates in a kind way that gets results. A absolute gem and good at delving on what stands in the way. Heartily recommend.

Nicola Richardson - The People Mentor

How this works

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    If you want to leap in and book an 'Unsquasher Hour' - use the booking link below to choose a day and time and make a payment securely. 

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    If you feel you want to work over a longer period of time - which I love - then book a mini consultation call (30 mins) to explore. We then know more about each other and I will only recommend programmes that fit you and your needs. 

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    If you go ahead with a longer programme, I will send a brief proposal and invoice - and we will get at least 2 dates in the diary.

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