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What are the barriers that stop people sharing and hearing ideas?

There are many fears, illusions and bits of baggage that stop us showing up to share our ideas, achievements and questions. I call them the FIBs that hold us back.

You have heard of ‘impostor syndrome’ – but I shake it up and spin it around with a whole new perspective in my TEDx talk ‘Beware The Self-Squashing Prophecy’. My ‘self-squashing’ perspective explored in my talks and book ignites lively conversastions that connect people and inspires fresh approaches to listening with curiosity and showing up to share.

Beware the Self-Squashing Prophecy – Signature Talk

Bespoke options from 10 mins to 1-hour – ideally with Q&A!

This talk can also be part of an ‘Unsquash Yourself’ workshop

Bespoke – Give me your brief!

Whilst my ‘signature talk’ is tailored to the needs of the event – the audience – the context … I adjust the talk accordingly

I will also love to take your brief and create a unique talk.

The sort of topics I have expertise and experience in: –

  • Being Assertive – nicely. The Strong/Warm balance. The Female ‘double bind’.
  • Being Authentic – what that really means. Beyond the ‘buzzword’.
  • Entering new spaces and building trust with new people – instantly! Rapport – Trust.
  • How ‘turning detective’ brings rewards in work and non-work life! Curiosity mindset versus ‘self-consciousness’.
  • Something a bit different? I am an actor – with decades experience of devising and touring one-woman productions – humour and characters I will do!

Trisha brings a great energy to everything she undertakes and her personality shines through constantly -a consummate professional. Her work is charming and accessible but always spiced with thoughtfulness and care. Whatever aspect of Trisha’s multi-facetted programme of works you are interested in, I can guarantee that you will be delighted with the results

Peter John Cooper Theatre Director

Peter John Cooper

Theatre Practitioner/Director

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