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Interview Preparation

2 hours to transform your future - no exaggeration!

Interview Preparation Coaching

  • Prepare for interviews - and prepare well.
  • Have the whole 'toolkit' of communication skills right there with you
  • Explore all the things that could go wrong - and right - and get all the expert input, objective feedback  - and do it all in a 'safe' place - where you can mess up and experiment.
  • Role play the interview from before you enter the room til after you've left the building.​
  • Discover your 'default' habits - good and bad. Work with your 'authentic' self - but the best communicating version of that self.​

It has been great having these sessions with you - thank you sincerely and deeply for all your help and guidance

Julian A - Coaching Client July 2017

Who is this coaching for?

  • College or University Graduates
  • School leavers
  • Those back on the job hunt journey after redundancy or change of some sort

What will the coaching involve?

  • Checking out YOU - your default styles, habits - your anxieties - strengths and barriers
  • Figuring out the 'aim' - what is this interview about - what will they be looking for - what do you need to know
  • Role playing a variety of interview scenarios - making it as real as possible - brilliant opportunity to try it all out in a safe place!

Where and how?

This coaching can be done on SKYPE/ZOOM  online - OR - face to face at my office in Bournemouth*

2.5 hour intensive (further follow up sessions or 'pre-interview' top ups can be arranged if required)

*If another venue is arranged then there might be an extra charge for hire or travel costs​

How much?

 £135 for the 2.5 hour session.  Now think about the possible return on that investment!

NB - The video below was done for a special promotion on Facebook - so a couple of slight amendments - as in the session time is now 2.5 hours.