Impostor Syndrome Unmasked

I know I am not alone!

That odd irrational - but powerful - feeling of self-doubt that has you thinking things like:

  • I am a fraud - getting away with it
  • Everyone else here is a real expert - I am just pretending
  • If I don't get this perfect I will have failed - and shown myself up for what I am - a fraud (not)
  • I need to get more qualifications in order to try and prove that I know my stuff - otherwise people wont' believe me!

I have got so much better at managing this irrational form of inner-critic by spotting and pressing pause before allowing the feelings to take control! I now give myself a talking to and a reality check!

I deliver talks and workshops to companies, at events, schools and universities  - because one of the best ways of dealing with this is to open up the conversation and realise it is a human condition.

Impostor Syndrome Unmasked Video Collection

It is a feeling - a bit like Alice in Wonderland felt when she went down that rabbit hole - not quite right!

The feeling results in behaviours which result in feelings which result in behaviours - yes - the Impostor Syndrome Cycle. Break it by doing some feelings forensics.

Knowledge leads to self-awareness - the first step in stopping the cycle before it stops you.

Impostor syndrome (original research by Clance & Imes - 1970s - when it was called Impostor phenomenon) is an irrational and pervasive feeling of self-doubt. A sense that you are getting away with it - because really you are a fraud and you will be found out soon!  Putting success down to luck rather than your skills. Comparing yourself to others and having a sense that everyone else has got it together - and they will realise that you haven't.... etc etc.... 

It is a joy sapping feeling and can lead to burn out and missed opportunities - so it needs sorting. First step - awareness.  

Talks and Workshops for business events, schools and universities