Time to get you heard and engaged with! Real you - Real impact.

Here's a thought...

What if you know that you have something really inspiring and valuable to offer people  - but not enough people know that you exist.

Even when they do know you exist - they are not really connecting, listening, engaging with you as much as you want.

Frustrating 🙄

You are turning up at networking events and posting good stuff online... but... you just don't get a sense that people really know you and what you have to offer. You don't stand out.

Or maybe you have got most things nailed - but there is this barrier that keeps popping up... for instance...

  • You feel sick at the thought of doing a Facebook Live.
  • You think you will be boring if you do a talk
  • You go all 'people-pleaser' when talking to groups.
  • You get demotivated by the impostor syndrome gremlins
  • You can't figure out the answer to 'what do you do?'

Barriers (internal and external) mess up your impact. 

And if your income depends on your impact - well...

Do you want to keep developing? Do you want to explore communication?

Then you are the kind of person I love working with.

PS: All the best people have a coach (like me!) 🤔

Welcome to my signature coaching programme


How does this coaching work?

Step 1


You will understand who the real you is and feel motivated and equipped to reveal this ‘you’ to the world. You will have message clarity.

Step 2


You will find and call out the FIBs that reduce your impact, income and well-being. Strategies to manage Fear, Illusions and Baggage.

Step 3


You will understand the psychology of communication. What makes it work! You will experiment and feel equipped for reality! 

Step 4 


In all programmes you will have an action plan - I like action! In the Resource Rich programme you receive the bells and whilstles as described in the video. 

Now delivering presentations in a more effective and engaging manner

I would recommend Trisha's coaching to anyone looking to build confidence whilst presenting refined key messages to an audience. I have been able to deliver talks and presentations to both small and large groups in a more effective and engaging manner. I found receiving feedback on video's particularly helpful when further developing skills. Thanks Trisha!

Sunny Bird Founder - Sunny Bird PR

A choice of programmes

Real You

4 x 1-hour sessions - 2 months




  • Find your gremlins
  • Be ready for: 'What do you do?
  • Untangled blissful clarity
  • Focus on 1 'Impact event' 

We need to know more - book some exploring time on or offline - use the diary link.

Real Impact Everywhere

10 x 1 hour sessions - 5 months plus




  • Benefits of other programmes
  • Focus on 4 'impact events'
  • Resource Vault - lifetime
  • Rehearsals - on location!

We need to know more - book some exploring time on or offline - use the diary link.

IMPACT EVENTS - What do I mean?

I mean - the channels through which you have the opportunity to make an impact.

  • Videos
  • Podcast
  • Presentations/talks
  • Networking/meetings


Is the coaching in person or online?

Will you come to my offices for sessions?

How long is each session?

Do I get emails and notes after sessions?

Will there be much homework?

What if I don't feel we are a fit after session 1?

Book a call with me to explore more! Let's see which 121 REAL Impact coaching programme is the one for you.

The coaching stories

Supportive space

What happens when you spend quality time in a safe space - with a communication coach/actor/great listener?

Release the real you

A snippet of a story that involves a highly capable business owner being released from a longstanding barrier!

Work through barriers

The best of us get confidence blips! Hear how I helped a client go from confidence blip to confidence boom!

I saw my confidence improve

Working with Trisha has helped me to improve my approach to communication, given me real clarity and in the time I worked with her I saw my confidence improve. A lady I would happily work with again and recommend.

Nikki Williams
People Experience Manager - Lush

Engaged Audience

The end result was an audience of inspired people who came up to me to thank me for the presentation.

Sarah Hamilton-GIll
Owner Globus HR Consulting

Trisha peels back the layers.

It’s not everyday you meet someone like Trisha, but when you do, you’ll wish you met her much sooner! Trisha has the ability to effortlessly capture and keep the attention of an individual, a table or a whole room. When it came to addressing my own presentation skills, for me it was a no-brainer to seek coaching from her.

Aaron Gibson
Founder - Arkhiteks
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