Free Online mini-course – Fearless Presentation

Beat Public Speaking Fear - step by step.

6 Steps to Fearless Presentation

Stop putting this off!  Now you have a chance to become the fearless presenter you always wanted to be! Don't let everyone else take the spotlight to promote their idea or business - you are missing a crucial marketing and PR opportunity - or possibly a promotion!

It is frustrating not being able to take up opportunities because you are convinced you are either useless or too anxious about the idea of giving presentations or talks.  Time to sort this. Like everything else - it is a matter of putting in a bit of work and doing some rational thinking and step by step actions - softly softly.

This is why I designed this mini course - or 6 day challenge.

The short video slide tutorials can all be watched within an hour - however each step has a challenge attached - no cheating. I therefore suggest you should allow yourself between 6-10 days to complete the 6 steps.  Not the whole day - let's say an hour for each step.  Step 6 might need a little more work!

Short and sweet - but designed from experience.  There is no point in just thinking about 'getting over the fear' - you need to take action.  

Even if you are already doing some presentations - if you are doing them reluctantly you will not be doing them as well as you are capable of.  Also - wouldn't it be great if you actually looked forward to the experience?

Over to you - but I am with you every step of the way.