Explory Story Events

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Explory Story Events are designed to get your business connections flowing and your communication skills growing. 

Feb 15th  6 - 8 pm

March 22nd 6 - 8 pm

It is essential to shake things up regularly if you want to see things with more clarity and creativity - this regular event is just the thing. You meet, you explore and you play around with communication skills - nothing that puts you on the spot - very collaborative.  A quick glance at business sites like FORBES and HARVARD will show you that regularly doing Improv will grow the crucial communication skills you need every single day if you are in business - listening, collaborating, creating, conflict sorting, engaging, empathy, trust...  it is a long list. Growth minded ambitious business owners (and employees) - are doing this - so be one of them!

What happens when you come to an Explory Story Event?

  • you meet other people in business who have a growth mindset like you - and that could lead to exciting new opportunities.
  • You have a chance to mess around with communication and discover that nothing bad happens when you do. 
  • You increase your confidence about walking into the unknown and your receptiveness to other people's ideas.
  • You will feel inspired with new ideas for your business - because you stepped out of your head and loosened up.
  • You will start to experiment with communication - and increase your awareness of just how powerful it is when done well!

How is the Event structured?

  • Event starts at 6 pm - at The Shelley Theatre, Boscombe. Welcome!
  • The bar is open and the light refreshments are out - and people are getting to know each other.
  • At 6.30 pm we explore and step into the unknown!  IMPROV activities designed to explore communication skills.
  • At 7.30 pm you are warmed up and free-flowing! You then continue to drink, nibble and network.
  • At 8 pm people reluctantly say good night - and look forward to the next one!

Feb 15th 6 - 8 pm

March 22nd 6 - 8 pm

The Story Method Workshop is now open for registration - come and create your business story - explore how you can Attract. Bond and Convert your prospects - in a non-salesy (and very powerful) way! Full details on the main EXPLORY STORY WEBSITE