Create a talk that connects

Find your story -  creation to delivery rehearsal

This is the age of real story - buzzwords and power-points are not the thing that engages! You have a story - your business has a story - your audience has a story - let's find it, fine tune it and get it delivery ready for short talks, workshops or Ted talks!

I know I can help - but don't just take it from me - take it from my clients!

Now delivering presentations in a more effective and engaging manner

I would recommend Trisha's coaching to anyone looking to build confidence whilst presenting refined key messages to an audience. I have been able to deliver talks and presentations to both small and large groups in a more effective and engaging manner. I found receiving feedback on video's particularly helpful when further developing skills. Thanks Trisha!

Sunny Bird
Founder - Sunny Bird PR

You helped me hone the message

I found the 2 hour session with you motivational, inspirational and informative. You helped me hone the message I was trying to convey about my business and put it across confidently on video.

Jacqueline Goddard
Founder - Atticus Arts

Engaged Audience

The end result was an audience of inspired people who came up to me to thank me for the presentation.

Sarah Hamilton-GIll
Owner Globus HR Consulting

Trisha coaches you how to present as YOU, not some hero you might want to imitate.

Trisha is exceptional in delving into your inner critic and helping you acknowledge and silence it. She coaches you how to present as YOU, not some hero you might want to imitate. I went into the workshop thinking I had to impersonate successful speakers and came out with a wealth of presentation ideas and a natural style unique to me!

Jo O'Connell
Director JellyRock PR

Got lots of compliments!

My talk went really well today. Got loads of compliments - thank you so much..

Sam Sharma

Much better at talking about my business

I have always found it difficult talking about my business and myself. Trisha has helped to come up with new and exciting ways to describe what I am all about. Communication is key to any business, so if you are serious about succeeding you should really give some sessions with Trisha serious thought.

Joe Cole
Owner All Build Developments

How do you get started - step by step


Book a 15 mins exploratory call to let me know a little more about your coaching goals - and get a sense of how we would work together. 


If we agree to go for it - we put a date in the diary for a 2 hour session - either in Bournemouth or at an agreed venue. We can also do coaching on Zoom (Skype-like).

If you proceed to a program of coaching (see step 3), you will have 50% of the cost of this session discounted off program fee.


Equipped with your post session 'Director's Notes' (clients love these).. you put tactics into action in the real world. We keep in touch and hopefully book a block of coaching to go to the next level. 'Director's Chair Coaching' program is 6 hours over 3 sessions reasonably close together. 

create a talk that connects

All the knowledge and presentation skills in the world will not guarantee a connection with your audience. The way you approach the creation of your talk is crucial! From years of experience of creating talks and delivering them to a host of different audiences in different venues and different contexts... I have an insight or two!

Follow these 6 steps (without skipping any) and you are well on the way to ensuring your work is not wasted - your audience will be engaged, inspired and influenced... result!

Reveal the 6 steps now!