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6 Steps to Fearless Presentation

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The best way to conquer the fear of public speaking is to take action - that is what these 6 steps with 6 challenges offer you - insight and action. The video slides can be watched within one hour - plus your time for completing the challenges. By completing this mini-course you will have a re-frame technique for 'fear' PLUS a 2-minute talk to create an impact at networking events or any other public speaking opportunity. Little steps lead to big changes.

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A brief hello from your tutor and overview of what this course is about - how to follow it and the reason to go for it!

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Step 1 Define Purpose

In order to work towards being a fearless presenter - you need to be motivated. In order to be motivated - you need to have a purpose that matters.  This step is all about defining your purpose in order to set you up for the journey.  Brainstorming here we come.

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Step 2 Problem Identification

So now you have a sense of purpose you need to get rational with your emotions.  Emotions are powerful - but once you get a bit forensic with them they can become more manageable.  Fear is a classic case in point.  This step is about self-awareness (which beats self-consciousness into touch). Just what does lie at the root of the 'fear'.

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Step 3 Mindset Management

Now you have motivation and a bit of perspective... you need to take a moment to work out just what is going on in your mind that is causing either fear of lack of joy when it comes to public speaking.  This step delves a little into your mind - a complex place!

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Step 4 Content Confidence

If there is one thing that you take away from this mini course - it is this! No amount of attending to any other aspects of presentation will do you any long term good or manage to sort the fear out... if you do not feel at one with what you are saying!!  This step is about just that - being confident and aligned with what you actually want  to say - what you want them to take away from your presentation - what does it mean to you.

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Step 5 Delivery Tactics

See how you didn't start off with the delivery tactics - that was deliberate! Good presenters and public speakers (and actors) work from inside out - the movements and expression should come from a real place - not look as if they are stuck on at the last minute because you learnt that you had to do that thing with your feet/hands etc.  So this is about observing what does and does not make for good presentation skills. Get your detective hat on.

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Step 6 Rehearse and Reflect

Yay! You made it this far - feel good?  It will if you have completed all the tasks obediently :)  Now - this last step is where you put a lot of work in - it will take you longer than the other steps but it will be the moment when this begins to come together - you will see real progress.  If you embrace this last step with all your heart soul and body - you will be rewarded.  This is the 'doing' and feedback and practice stage. Push yourself out of your comfort zone - remember all you have learnt so far. Go for it.

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A bit more Support

If you have followed each step and completed each challenge - you are a lot closer to getting out into the real world of public speaking - but you will need to take small steps and be good to yourself.

The support of a coach and a private Facebook group are here for you.  So don't forget to join the group - and remember you can email me at [email protected] if you want to discuss one-to-one coaching options.

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