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How to beat networking reluctance with these 3 ‘rational’ tactics

Networking is not everybody’s ‘thing’ – actually some of you reading this will be thinking – ‘I hate it’. I get that – but I am here to be the voice of reason. If you like a bit of rational thinking and if you can see the logic of using every available tool at your disposal […]

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What does it take to create a talk that connects on all levels?

Planning presentations

How do you set about creating a presentation or talk that really connects with an audience – 6 crucial steps revealed

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If ‘Fear of Rejection’ is holding you back – sort it with these 5 tactics

fear of rejection

Enter your text here…Navigate the ocean of rejection – the fear of rejection can be calmed In his really interesting book on ‘selling’, Daniel H Pink argues that figuring out how to stay afloat amid that ocean of rejection is an essential quality in moving others. He says this in a chapter with the title ‘Buoyancy’ […]

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Swap 3 self-doubt for 3 self-belief thoughts now

Self-doubt -Self-belief

How to deal with lack of confidence, and self-doubt by replacing with self-belief – find your purpose

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Impostor Syndrome – that irrational but real self-doubt feeling

Impostor syndrome Self-Doubt

What is Impostor Syndrome – is there a cure? Why are you being held back by irrational self-doubt – the key is to get to know it and to start sharing – you are not alone!

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