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Your Business Identity

identity crisis

If you are a business owner you might have experienced an identity crisis. Your personality feels disconnected from your business. Not a comfortable feeling. The question is – why does this happen and is it inevitable? Do you have to become someone else when you set up a business? Is it possible to be YOU […]

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Sort the self-doubt spiral

Self-doubt spiral

Most of us have doubts about ourselves fairly regularly – it is part of the human condition!   We question our identity, image, capabilities, purpose – you name it. However, when these feelings start to take over and we feel like impostors in a world where everyone else has got it together (impostor syndrome to give it […]

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How to be a Credible Presenter

credible likeable presenter

What does it take to be a credible presenter? These are the core qualities

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Less ego – more engagement


How ego blocks engagementTo engage with others you need to be there with them!Too much ego focus means you are failing to pay attention to others – you are not fully present and you are not responding to what is being communicated.  When you are wrapped up inside your own head you are not giving off […]

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Get out of your head


How to get out of your head3 tips on how to escape self-consciousness and be more present – essential for effective communication.The following 3 tactics are ‘states’ – and being in these states is within your control – so no excuses. These ‘out of your head’ tactics are learnable and your ability to use them […]

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Make your business a story

business storytelling

We all respond well to a good story – think campfires and bedtime. Are you taking advantage of this to pull people into your business? Here are some ideas on formulating your business story – and getting it engaged with.

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