The Good and Bad of ‘Faking it’

Faking it

To fake it or not to fake it – that is the questionYou might have heard some conflicting advice about ‘faking it’ – this short post aims to offer some clarity.What is ‘faking it’?Fake is a form of pretend. If applied to the description of a Gucci handbag then it means that the fake handbag […]

Why seeking feedback matters and how to do it

Good communicators have self and impact awarenessTo be aware of your impact you need to seek objective feedbackActively seeking feedback on how you are coming across to others requires bravery – but it pays rewards. Self-awareness is a very good start but if you also have ‘impact awareness’ then you will join the ranks of […]

Communicating with feeling

Hands touching

Communicating with feeling sets up a virtuous circle of connection. Why and How?  If you communicate with feeling your create a circle of connection. You feel it, they feel it, you feel it. Click to Tweet Have you really considered the benefits to you when you communicate with feeling? Are you aware of the impact […]

5 Perfection Pitfalls

Woman trimming neat hedge

Perfection is a good thing right? No – and here’s why…Life is messy and unpredictable, humans are complicated and inclined to be irrational. Context varies and everyone has their individual quirks. So – where on earth does ‘perfection’ find a place in all this? It would certainly be the ‘odd one out’ and struggle to […]

5 tactics to beat the fear of public speaking

Crocodile smiling

Why bother trying to sort your fear of public speaking?Short answer – your fear of public speaking will be holding you back at work and in life.Love these quotes!‘Nervousness is the price a racehorse pays for not being a cow’‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself’‘Courage is the art of being the only one […]

Video communication confidence

Video communication Confidence

How to you become your ideal confident communicator on video?Find your motivation for tryingTry out some mindset tweaksWhat reasons have you for trying to become more video confident?Start a video blog to post to your YouTube channel or websiteHave a human connection on your homepageDo Facebook livesHost webinars All of which you know will raise awareness […]