6 books – 6 insights

6 books to help you become an even better communicator in 2019. In the spirit of end of year traditions – I thought I would share 6 book recommendations. If you chose to work with me in 2019 – elements of these insights will almost certainly come up! Whether it is working on a fear […]

Adapt your Authenticity

To be a truly effective communicator you need to be authentic whilst also able to conform. You need to adapt your authenticity.  Here’s why and how you need to be an authentic leader who respects conformity. Let’s start with the word ‘Authentic’. Like many other current buzzwords – it is chucked about but rarely explained in […]

How to be Authentic

How to be Authentic – authenticallyThe video gives an overview of the topic and tactics – the rest of the post sets this out in writing – your choice (both would be brilliant!) Define Authentic’True to one’s own personality, spirit or character’   Merriam Webster Dictionary Origins of the word:Authenticity – authoritative. Acting on one’s own authority.Authentikos […]

Fear of being judged

Seagulls judging

On stage, on camera, in a meeting or at a networking event – there is something that makes us feel awkward and anxious – the fear of being judged.The fear could be preventing you from presenting, innovating and leading! So it needs to be deconstructed and managed. This short article aims to help do just […]

The Good and Bad of ‘Faking it’

Faking it

To fake it or not to fake it – that is the questionYou might have heard some conflicting advice about ‘faking it’ – this short post aims to offer some clarity.What is ‘faking it’?Fake is a form of pretend. If applied to the description of a Gucci handbag then it means that the fake handbag […]

Why seeking feedback matters and how to do it

Good communicators have self and impact awarenessTo be aware of your impact you need to seek objective feedbackActively seeking feedback on how you are coming across to others requires bravery – but it pays rewards. Self-awareness is a very good start but if you also have ‘impact awareness’ then you will join the ranks of […]