Confidence, clarity and communication coaching


How this small business owner broke her fear of doing videos by finding her style of delivery.

Quality time - working on you and your business - action plan and session recording included.

Booking easy - secure payment.

Zoom link sent with pre-session questions to set us up to hit go!


A mini brainstorm brings showers of lightbulbs! Finding core barriers, ideas, messages, methods of delivering those messages... Spotting connections.


Let's try things out and see what emerges! I can be that networking person, that client on Zoom, the awkward meeting person.. Try saying it like ....


Action speaks louder than words! You now have a plan - something to try and more of a coherent strategy emerging. You get notes!

Your investment?

1- hour on Zoom - with a little pre-thought time and your time to enact the plan after the session!  £120.00

(£95 for 'Unsquasher Fortnightly' subscribers)

Bespoke coaching programme - 6 x I-hour sessions 

When Dr Lise Lewis explored a change of direction and boundaries that made sense.

This is a journey - 6 x 1-hour sessions completed within 3-months (ideally). 

Clarity, visibility, increased motivation and a sense of who you are! 

It is bespoke - but you get the same 'explore,experiment and enact' process - it works.

The rewards? This is bespoke to you.

To give you an idea - here are some of the rewards enjoyed by my small business owner clients

  • Overcoming public speaking fears
  • Networking confidence
  • A 'thought-leadership' talk created
  • Assertiveness balance found
  • Content ideas that feel right
  • A series of videos created
  • A new direction discovered

Your investment?

£1500.00. (monthly installments available). This includes notes/actions and resources throughout, session recordings and email access. Where applicable I will be offering feedback on work between sessions.

(NB: If you had a 'Power Hour' and then invest in the programme - you receive bonus 1-hr session - 7 in total)

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Why work with me?

Imagine working with a coach who combines decades of professional acting and speaker experience with an academic underpinning in the psychology of communication - and the approach of a detective/director!

Imagine working with a wise, highly intuitive woman - who was crazy enough to set up a business when many consider retirement. It will be fun, forensic and full of barrier breaking. I walk the walk - especially on LinkedIn - are we connected?

When Janine Coombes worked on her talk

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