Cold Call Coaching

“The best way I have succeeded in overcoming my fears of meeting new people and business meetings has been to rehearse and know my lines,” Sandra Lewis, the founder and director of virtual assistant company WorldWide 101

I enlisted Trisha to help coach an employee who was struggling to communicate effectively across multiple channels. Despite them having had a senior authority career for over 30 years,they struggled with sounding confident, using the right language, and at the nub of it all - actually progressing business for us and our clients.I knew there was an expert communicator who could sort this out - if anyone could. So I called upon Trisha and her effortless, easy-going and efficient manner of working meant we got up to speed and on with the job in hand within days. Her correspondence for her "Director's Programme"was eminently professional and the outcome exactly as desired. I now see her as a partner for the business going forward and have no qualms in recommending her.

Emma Kilburn-Friendship
Director Emm-Power