Cold Call Coaching - trisha lewis

Cold Call Coaching

This is for any business wanting to offer their sales team more than a generic coaching package. This is personal.

There is a place for many types of training to support a sales team who are phone based - but I suggest that one to one coaching is a valuable part of the mix.

We are all individuals - and it is only in the supportive and confidential environment of coaching one to one that all the blockages and barriers can be unpacked and worked through. 

There is something highly motivating about knowing that your employer is willing to invest in you as an individual - believes in your capacity to grow and progress.  You can be that wise and motivational employer.

Fact: In any market 85% of the available new business goes to the 5% of sales people who know the secret of successful cold calling.  Bob Etherington - Cold Calling for Chickens

How does it work?

  • Establishing a relaxed supportive environment 
  • Working with the individual as an individual
  • Uncovering barriers - providing tactics
  • Working on specific 'phone rapport' communication skills
  • ROLE PLAY - Making it real
  • Experimenting/feedback/practice

How does it work practically?

  • Initial briefing with client  - face to face/Skype 
  • Proposal agreed
  • Working with your sales team member - 3 x 1.45 hour sessions
  • Venue for coaching: THE PHONE 
  • My 'Director's Notes' after each session - with resources and action plan

I called upon Trisha to get a new employee up to speed - her effortless, easy-going and efficient manner of working meant we got up to speed and on with the job in hand within days -eminently professional and delivering the desired outcome - I have no qualms in recommending her.

Emma Kilburn-Friendship