The Director's Chair Programme

Thank you so much for having such an epic effect on my business 

CEO - Emm-Power

I worked with Trisha recently on developing some new communication techniques. I found this course to be really helpful while I prepare for new more public encounters for my business. It was great to work with Trisha whom I found to be fun and professional ! Onwards and upwards...Thanks, again Trisha ! - 

Sue Frost 

How this programme will help

This process - and it is a process - encourages you to unpack your default thinking, your non-verbal habits, your barriers. You unpack, shake up and rehearse - and you discover incredible clarity of purpose, message and identity. You become the owner of a comprehensive set of tactics that transform the influential quality of your conversations, meetings, leadership, networking and presentations.

The core principles that drive the results are:

  • exploring with no assumptions
  • escaping from a 'self-conscious' focus
  • experimenting in safety

What is the process?

1. We talk

2. You chose the focus and practicalities of the programme depending on your goal, budget and schedule.

3. Complete 3 sessions of 90-120 mins each - plus an implementation week.  

4. You will continue to have me as a resource - and you will already have seen results.

PLUS - you receive Director's Notes throughout - constructive feedback following each session - including relevant action plan and resources.

The 4 sessions represent a 'journey'

  • deconstructing
  • disrupting
  • circle-thin
  • delivering


My office in Bournemouth, mutually convenient half-way meeting room or in-house. Skype or Zoom sessions can be arranged.

On a professional level, she learns her lines and takes direction whilst applying a thoughtful and understanding mind. Her work is charming and accessible but always spiced with thoughtfulness and care. Whatever aspect of Trisha’s multi-faceted programme of works you are interested in, I can guarantee that you will be delighted with the results

Peter John Cooper