The Director's Chair Programme

I worked with Trisha recently on developing some new communication techniques. I found this course to be really helpful while I prepare for new more public encounters for my business. It was great to work with Trisha whom I found to be fun and professional ! Onwards and upwards...Thanks, again Trisha ! - 

Sue Frost 

Why would you consider coaching

Could it be that you might want

  • to know just how to put all your available communication tools to good use
  • to understand what barriers exist that sometimes prevent the 'desired outcome 
  • to explore the feeling of confusion about how you are coming across to others
  • to enter every communication scenario with confidence
  • to end every meeting, phone call, networking event, presentation - with a smile on your face - a sense of 'job well done'
  • to re-ignite a sense of clarity, purpose and confidence

How this programme will help

This process - and it is a process - encourages you to unpack your default thinking, your non-verbal habits, your barriers. You unpack, shake up and re-pack - better.  

The core principals that drive the results are:

  • exploring with no assumptions
  • encouraging an escape from 'self-conscious' focus
  • experimenting through try out and feedback learning process

Just finished an illuminating session with Trisha, definitely helped..

Telemarketer - Emm-Power

What is the process?

You will be able to chose the module or modules that best fit your desired goal. Every module uses the same foundation principals - and then focuses on specific exploration and exercises accordingly.
The process is 4 sessions of 90 minutes each - one of these is an implementation week.  The venue is flexible, and coaching can be arranged via Skype. 

The 4 sessions represent a 'journey'

  • Unpacking - You, Your 'audience', Your message
  • Shake up - stretching your comfort zone
  • Putting into practice - feedback process
  • Pulling together - preparation for your 'real world' success


Whatever ‘level’ of experience you have reached - you will always want to get your speaker skills refreshed and improved. You will not be alone if your have a fear of public speaking 0 good news there are tactics - and you will be in safe supportive hands! You may want to work on getting clarity with your content... this coaching covers the whole process. 


Become the kind of communicator that people want to listen to - that people trust and that people want to do business with. Discover clarity of mindset, message and delivery. Become a TOP LEVEL confident and influential communicator - and see the results!                                                                                                                                            


Overcome the ‘phone call making’ block. Picking up the phone is essential for your business - and it is one of the top ‘fears’ or ‘mind blocks' amongst perfectly capable business owners and entrepreneurs. Get results - less frustration and more sales.       

  • I am an introvert - is this for me?  Answer: Yes - I totally respect the individual
  • This is for my personal life rather than a business thing - is this for me? Answer: Yes - communication is for everyone - anywhere.

On a professional level, she learns her lines and takes direction whilst applying a thoughtful and understanding mind. Her work is charming and accessible but always spiced with thoughtfulness and care. Whatever aspect of Trisha’s multi-faceted programme of works you are interested in, I can guarantee that you will be delighted with the results

Peter John Cooper