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How to be Authentic

How to be Authentic – authenticallyThe video gives an overview of the topic and tactics – the rest of the post sets this out in writing – your choice (both would be brilliant!) Define Authentic’True to one’s own personality, spirit or character’   Merriam Webster Dictionary Origins of the word:Authenticity – authoritative. Acting on one’s own authority.Authentikos […]

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Sort the self-doubt spiral

Self-doubt spiral

Most of us have doubts about ourselves fairly regularly – it is part of the human condition!   We question our identity, image, capabilities, purpose – you name it. However, when these feelings start to take over and we feel like impostors in a world where everyone else has got it together (impostor syndrome to give it […]

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Make your business a story

business storytelling

We all respond well to a good story – think campfires and bedtime. Are you taking advantage of this to pull people into your business? Here are some ideas on formulating your business story – and getting it engaged with.

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Beef up your connecting skills

how to have good conversations

9 rules of engagement that ensure you build relationships with your connections – those you make via networking events or online social platforms Twitter and LinkedIn.

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