Camera Confidence Coaching Special Offer

Special offer

Are you a new Small Business Owner? First year of business?

This is for you!

Special Offer December 2018/January 2019

Reserve your space now!

Imagine 2 hours of quality time to experiment, try out new tactics,
change your 'fear' mindset to one of enthusiasm! 
I work with you as a unique individual - no clones!
£80.00 total coaching fee


You helped me hone the message

I found the 2 hour session with you motivational, inspirational and informative. You helped me hone the message I was trying to convey about my business and put it across confidently on video.

Jacqueline Goddard Founder - Atticus Arts

Let me explain more

7 minute video outlining about why video works and how this coaching can help ensure that it works for you.

Same - but a 2 minute video. Just to demonstrate my own camera style.  I have to practice what I preach!

What to expect

  • Some general 'unpacking' and establishing goal
  • Content brainstorm 
  • Lots of trying out - observing - trying out
  • Follow up 'Director's Notes' and copies of the videos


I am based in Bournemouth. Ideally the coaching needs to be done face-to-face either at my home office or at your home or office. If you are out of the area there is an alternative online coaching process that will also get results.  We can talk this through. 

Why bother?

Having a video on your website or social media is a great way of engaging people - and building trust. Your prospects are more likely to watch a video from start to finish than read a blog or copy... the stats are in! 

However - it needs to represent you and your business well - it needs a bit of preparation.

What is stopping you?

What is stopping you taking advantage of this relationship building, interest gaining and impact creating tool?

You don't feel confident on camera.

No problem - it is not a magic art - there are tactics. 2 hours coaching will work wonders - sort out the barriers and rehearse, tweak, critique and practice - all in a safe environment with an experienced supportive coach.

I have helped some lovely individuals find their camera confidence!


Trisha made me feel comfortable doing a task that doesn't feel natural to me! 

Trisha made me feel comfortable doing a task that doesn't feel natural to me! She seemed to quickly find the areas that I needed to improve upon. Rather than sounding like a policeman giving an account, I needed to me more animated and engaging! She helped me identify how and what to say in a short space of time...she's certainly given me a great platform to start my self-marketing with. I'd certainly recommend her camera confidence workshop to those who folks who do social media marketing.

Olly Leicester Health and Wellness Coach

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