Social Confidence

Are you socially confident? Take this Test

Do you have ‘social confidence’ – and when and where do you have it most? What is social confidence – is it something you can change? Do this short quizz.

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The Trusted Communicator Podcast

Podcasts on all sorts of fascinating communication skill topics – insights about human behaviour – how we think what we feel and how that all comes out in the wash! Loads of ideas that you could experiment with and feed into your everyday communication scenarios – all designed to increase trust, word of mouth recommendations and – sales! Become a regular listener – maximum length 10 mins – so perfect for a walk round the block or a session on the cardio equipment – or – er – preparing dinner!

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Phone Reluctance Tactics

Phoning Prospects – Mindset and Motivation and Message tactics

Phoning prospects is crucial to your business – but how often do you put these calls off for fear of rejection or a sense that you will be an annoyance? Try these tactics to get on with making the calls and getting new clients

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Do you hate phoning prospects even though you know your business depends on it? 5 tactics that get you contacting your prospects joyfully!

Even the most confident of communicators can get into a strange state of mind when faced with phoning prospects – you are not alone! Use these 5 tactics and learn to enjoy making those crucial phone calls that will grow your business.

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Have you ever wondered what is the real you? What is authenticity?

We keep getting told it is good to be authentic – but do we really know what that means? Authenticity is part of building trust – converting prospects to clients and getting good word of mouth recommendations – so worth getting it sorted

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3 tactics to Convert Prospect to Client

What if you had 3 free tools at your disposal that could get your prospect converted to your client? Well – you have – check these out right now!

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Impostor Syndrome – that irrational but real self-doubt feeling

Some thought provoking insights on this strange thing called Impostor Syndrome. Strange as it might sound, most of us have it to a greater or lesser extent! So best to know how it might be effecting you or others. Any mindset barrier will effect your communication – so be aware.All you need now is the […]

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I guess you’d like to convert your prospect to a client? Do these 3 things before you get to ‘hello’

Without trust you will fail  This might sound dramatic – but it is true.  You might ‘get away with it’ or ‘be lucky’ – but that is not how you want to run your life or business.  The solid relationships are the ones that have a good foundation of trust. Have you really thought about […]

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Idea Clarity to get off the Hamster Wheel of Idea Generation

How to stop manic idea creation and gain idea clarity

Small Business Owners have to come up with a lot of ideas – but every now and then the idea generation gets out of control and all clear thinking goes – why and what to do about it – learn these instant tactics.

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You’ve made a connection but nothing much is happening – could it be that you are not doing the engaging bit?

Let’s get ridiculously analytical about the words Connect and Engage to see what they really mean.

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