The Programme

Does this resonate?

You are a small business owner seeking visibility, credibility, clients and joy!  You might be making a transition from employed to self-employed?


You have a message/service/product - but is it different enough? 

You want to write a book, give a talk, build relationships on LinkedIn - be a podcast guest (or host)!  

You just keep getting stuck. Frustrated by the endless conversations you have with yourself when you go to bed and wake up -  unaware of why your confidence and clarity is a wobbly muddle?

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You want to make more impact and be more 'you' - online and in person.

Build your social media presence

  • Your personal 'thing'
  • Using your story
  • Connections

Build your networking confidence

  • Strong/warm balance
  • Your 'intro'
  • Owning your voice

Build your speaker/guest profile

  • Your signature talk
  • Making contacts
  • Your individual style

Your reward


More specific rewards might be - a new business plan, a performance-ready signature talk, a fresh and fearless approach to public speaking or doing videos. Maybe you will have new networking confidence - and actually look forward to it! Or is it about having a toolkit of communication tactics for leadership or challenging conversations? How do we achieve this? Read on.

the Mindset First method

My personal experience and work with clients confirms that this works! 

As an actor with an understanding of the psychology of communication - I have done the forensics, reverse engineered and tested.


Brainstorming and brain sorting! We call out the FIBs that hold you back - Fears, illusions and baggage.


Explore the words you use and how you use them. Find themes, connections - and your story.


Technique and trying out. Roleplay and rehearse. Spot your habits - release authentic confidence.



6-hours over 3 months


Zoom or in person


£1,150 (or £400 pm)

  • Notes and resources between sessions. 
  • Depending on the goal - there might be 'try outs' submitted - video or audio - just for you and me to pull apart! 
  • Access to private 'video vault' of explainer videos on LinkedIn relationship building, Canva (graphics), Captioning tools and edit tools for videos.

I would love to start this journey with you - let's talk.

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