A big part of me is my journey as an actor - a very long journey! So let's start with a brief insight into how this journey is of relevance to you.

Peter Cooper Director - Spyway Theatre

Brings a great energy to everything she undertakes

I have been fortunate to be able to work with Trisha on a number of projects over the past seven or eight years. Trisha is so well organised and positive - she brings a great energy to everything she undertakes and her personality shines through constantly. As a performer, Trisha is a great team player and a consummate professional, she puts in the hours and always succeeds in anything she sets her mind to. On a professional level, she learns her lines and takes direction whilst applying a thoughtful and understanding mind. Her work is charming and accessible but always spiced with thoughtfulness and care. Whatever aspect of Trisha’s multi-facetted programme of works you are interested in, I can guarantee that you will be delighted with the results

This gallery is not an ego thing! This is just me sharing a little of my story.  A story with layers. A real me finding paths to my 'you-land' through a youth of low self-esteem and at times crippling self-consciousness, through relationships, the joy of am-dram to professional acting - and going to uni in my 40s as a mature student! Love, loss, laughter and tears!  

Short version

Trisha Lewis - in her own words

Communication fascinates me. Helping others become natural and effective communicators enthuses me.

Above all - finding and owning your own unique you-ness is my thing! Why? Experience!

All these factors and more lead to curiosity and enthusiasm that in turn produce coaching, workshops and talks that are full of exploration and action.

I am described as a natural communicator. ‘Natural’ sounds like it just happened – it didn’t.

My training and experience as an actor helped me find and use my voice, paint pictures and engage people from a real place inside me to a real place in them.

Back in the heady 80's I build a career in advertising – dealt with a wide range of ‘fascinating’ people! After starting a family, I flexed my ‘coaching’ muscles as a drama coach – and later as a student mentor.  As a constant learner I became a ‘mature student’ in 2002 – graduating from Bournemouth University with a BA (hons) in Communication. Thrilled to be awarded the BU Alumni of the Year 2019 - Inspiring Learning.

My ‘presentation muscles’ are huge! I have built them by writing and producing plays and talks and delivering them to hundreds of different audiences.

I encourage people to question statements such as ‘I can’t’ and ‘always been done like this’ – but in an enjoyable and practical way.

Actor and speaker

I am too old to give you my life history! However - here is my actor journey in a nutshell

  • Shy kid - took up elocution lessons
  • Discovered a knack for learning lines and reading out loud
  • Started taking first of many LAMDA qualifications
  • Joined local Shakespeare Drama Group
  • Had various roles over many years
  • Did drama at school
  • Life took over - no acting
  • Took the leap into professional acting 1995
  • Gained equity card by writing and touring one-woman play
  • Started touring with theatre companies and in my own productions
  • Relationship with rural touring companies such as Hog the Limelight (Hampshire County Council) - led to being commissioned to write and deliver pieces for libraries and care homes as well as other venues.
  • Created series of one-woman pieces which were in demand on the speaker circuit.
  • Worked with excellent Director - Peter John Cooper on a number of plays which have toured nationally.
  • Still walk the walk!

In 2002 I consolidated my experience as an actor, speaker and reminiscence facilitator by taking a degree in Communicadtion at Bournemouth University - graduating in 2005 with a BA (hons) in Communication.  I gained valuable experience as a Mentor - both on the PAL scheme (Peer assisted learning) and the Aim Higher scheme (working with students at challenged schools).

I continued to work on a freelance basis for Hampshire County Council - Heritage and Recreation.  In addition to shows booked for 'Hog the Limelight' rural touring network and HCC Libraries,  I was commissioned to create a reminiscence piece to be delivered in all the HCC care homes.  The brief was - something more than a sing-a-long. I delivered! The work I carried out over the next 10 years was challenging and extremely fulfilling. I developed a high level skill of communicating with the elderly with dementia. This requires the ability to build instant trust and use the full spectrum of communication tactics to trigger stories and create a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

During this time I continued my personal development by completing Dementia communication skills training modules. I also delivered training to Hants County Council care home activity organisers.  I graduated as a recognised reminiscence facilitator with the European Reminiscence Network

My background as an actor led to me setting up my speaker business. Over the course of 15 years I created 10 'entertaining talks' which have been booked regularly on the speaker circuit - becoming one of the most popular choices for speaker secretaries nationally.

Jane McKell Artistic Director - AsOne Theatre Company

Creative, Talented and Organised!

Trisha is one of the most creative, talented, and productively organised people I know. She is a dedicated practitioner whether preparing for a new role in theatre or as a speaker. Her imaginative and wonderfully devised one woman shows for after dinner or club meetings are unique, Trisha has a twinkle in the eye, she is warmly mischievous, and very personable. Everyone loves her.

A whirl wind of talent as an actor - as well as a speaker - she makes a wonderful member of an ensemble too. I cannot recommend her enough

As an actor my experience is wide-ranging - from fringe theatre and rural touring to one-woman plays and cabaret. The experience of creating engaging content and adapting to so many different venues and audiences has given me invaluable insights to help clients with all aspects of presentation and public speaking. Plus It was a business - I had to market myself!

For the first 10 years of my work life I pursued a career as an account executive in  advertising agencies in London and Bournemouth. This experience taught me a great deal about working within a corporate environment with different personalities! A very male dominated environment in the good old late seventies early eighties! Think 'Mad Men'.

All this and more has equipped me well for helping individuals communicate in a way that has the desired impact. I have a real understanding of what it takes to build instant trust and rapport - a crucial ingredient of influence. The psychology element of my degree - plus my extensive personal research - provides valuable insight for clients who wish to break down all the barriers that occur in communication - including those within their own mind. 

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