Why Me

Getting to know each other better

It would be a bit odd if I claimed to be a professional communicator and didn't try to communicate with you on my website. 

This introduction video is for you to explore a little more - decide if my experience is relevant to you - it also gives you a chance to see me talking and moving!

The crucial part of the coaching process is you - I hope getting to know me a little more will encourage you to tell me a little more about you -  what are your communication challenges and what can I help you achieve - that is the starting point. 

This is me - now let's explore you.  Do you want to work with someone who:

  • really understands the power of OBJECTIVITY having worked for years with brilliant directors and directed others (as a professional actor)
  • is passionate about all aspects of communication and the wonders of human behaviour - my degree (2005) is in - you guessed - COMMUNICATION
  • has a highly tuned sense of  what creates 'trust building' communication - gained through the work I have done for 20 years
  • totally respects individuality - YOUR authentic voice and YOUR message - together we just make it work better!
  • has reverse engineered all experiences which have led to results - and therefore created deeply insight and practical tactics 

Yes? Then let's talk.