About Me

Getting to know each other better

It would be a bit odd if I claimed to be a professional communicator and didn't try to communicate. So the above video is a way of explaining why my experience is relevant to you and giving you a chance to see me talking and moving. Hopefully by telling you a bit more about myself it might encourage you to let me know a little more about you - how I might be part of overcoming any communication challenges you want to get to grips with!

  • I understand the wonders of OBJECTIVITY having worked for years with brilliant directors (as a professional actor)
  • I have a highly tuned sense of 'trust building' communication gained through the work I have done for 20 years
  • I totally respect individuality - I work with YOUR authentic voice and YOUR message - together we just make it work better!
  • I have reverse engineered all my experiences which have led to results - and created usable tactics backed up by very real insight - now I am sharing!