Why Bother Networking

Guest Sharon Louca

Are you an introvert or just feeling cynical about business networking? Do you have networking fear or don’t know how to do that dreaded introduction pitch? Sharon Louca who is both a Management Consultant and the founder of the Women’s Business Networking group has some very real tips.

If you are putting off business networking or if you have tried networking and given up – or if you are dutifully going to business networking events and coming away wondering what the point is… this episode will refresh your networking mojo!

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Business networking for introverts – the idea doesn’t always appeal!

Can an introvert be good at networking?

Whether you are an introvert or just a business networking hater – this will give you the motivation to get back on the networking horse!

Sharon says she is shy – but runs a global networking group. Her own story and experience of 100s of networking events means we had a conversation full of very realistic networking tips and mindset insights. Why are we nervous about networking – I asked this and dug deep!

Aspects of Business Networking we talk about:

  • How to approach your networking pitch
  • The unexpected opportunities of business networking
  • First steps for networking newbies or the reluctant networker!
  • What lies behind business networking nerves
  • How to enjoy business networking more!

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