The power of asking ‘why bother?’

‘Discover the desire for what’s next’

Jennifer Louden is a personal growth expert and author of the bestselling ‘Why Bother’ – she is also a realist. We talk without self-help cliches about why and how you need to keep bothering – and why asking yourself ‘why bother?’ is crucial. A timely reminder to tap into your desires and ‘do’ – even when the world around you feels like a mess. As she says – ‘it’s time to get your bother on’.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to keep growing after a long time in business
  • Why there are no secrets and silver bullet answers
  • The importance of letting yourself ask ‘why bother?’ when you feel lost or bored.
  • The 6-stages of bothering – a guide back to yourself
  • Remembering you have a life outside of work

A thought-provoking quote

From Jennifer’s book – Why Bother

“Taking action is about opening yourself to caring and learning rather than rushing to certainty, success, or pleasing others.”

Connect with Jennifer Louden

A short teaser. Full video of episode also on YouTube – here.