Systems free you up

Guest – Sandee Rodriguez

In this episode of Make It Real Trisha talks with Sandee Rodriguez who is a business advisor and problem-sorter.

Growing a business – even a small one – involves creativity, energy and delegating. You need systems – and they are not a bore they free you up. Where to start – too many fancy organisation apps to choose from. Listen to Sandee.

Sandee Rodriguez. Systems for Small Business. 'Make it Real' Small Business Podcast. Trisha Lewis

Systems for Small Business – does that sound boring? No – they free you up – your life/work balance, energy and creativity. 

How can systems free you up as you grow your small business?

You are a multi-tasking small business owner – and your business is growing. There is a problem with success when there is only one of you!  Systems reduce the risk of you dropping a ball or reaching burn out!

You work in your business and on it. You are not super-human – you need systems – and they are not a bore they free you up. 

My guest Sandee Rodriguez gets it! A business advisor and problem-sorter who ‘makes it real’.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Attitude to money – make more to give more.
  • Work less to achieve more
  •  Stop wearing all the hats
  • Operations manuals
  • Evernote approach

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