Ep 81 Lucy Mowatt – Social Media – quality not quantity

Social Media – Quality not quantity

Lucy Mowatt knows her social media – she has been on her personal journey and now helps others with content and strategy.

She knows how time-consuming it is and how easily you get sucked into going off in directions that abandon the essential ‘you’ part of the equation.

Why are you posting, who for – are you chasing or engaging?

As a blogger, Lucy also reminds us that we don’t own the platforms – we do own our blog and website. Organic authority.

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Lucy’s inNorfolk Blog

Links to resources mentioned

 Scheduling tools: Captera and Hootsuite (Many more available!)


Fascinating things we talk about

  • Blending personal and professional
  • Blogging – and testing out
  • Remembering the why!
  • How your enjoyment shows
  • Being authentic
  • Instagram – spontaneous v scheduled
  • Facebook groups – pros and cons
  • Twitter for concise skills
  • The ‘back stage’ bits we don’t see
  • A shout out for ‘print’!
  • Time management

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